Photo courtesy of Helena Farrar
The staff of the Nevada Sagebrush poses for student journalists’ day of action on April 16, 2018 in the Sagebrush office on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno.

In the age of the internet, it’s no secret print news is struggling. Revenue for print advertising, once the bread and butter of newspapers big-and-small, is shrinking fast and digital ad revenue is not rising to meet it.

The situation is no different for student newspapers. Across the country, student publications are suffering from under-funding and dwindling ad revenue. They must now look elsewhere to student governments or university administrations, to institutions that may not always have editorial independence at heart.

Indeed, in the days when The Nevada Sagebrush did receive funding from ASUN (these days, it is wholly self-funded through advertising), stories of student government overreach or underhanded attempts to quash negative coverage of ASUN are a dime a dozen. When the levers of power are pulling the purse strings, they have no real incentive to keep their hands off the newspaper. It’s simply not in their interest.

But in our current media landscape, The Nevada Sagebrush, just like so many other student newspapers, is suffering.

Student newspapers cover important issues, often issues no other local outlet have given the time of day, and they give student reporters the opportunity to practice journalism in the real world. For more information about just why you should support student newsrooms, read our staff editorial on the subject.

But for a for a long story made short, The Nevada Sagebrush has served the University of Nevada, Reno as the paper of record for more than 120 years. Now, in just the last four, we’ve watched our revenues shrink and have been forced to cut costs to match. For the first time, we ask for donations from you, our valued readers, in order to keep our operation going. There are a number of ways you can support us.


The first is to donate money. This money gift is without the expectation of benefit, and is tax deductible.

In order to to donate with a check, fill out this form (no longer available). The form will need to be printed and sent with the check. On the form and the memo line of the check, please write The Nevada Sagebrush. Specific directions can be found at the bottom of the form.

In order to donate with a credit or debit cardfill out the electronic form here. After designating how much you would like to donate, click “add to cart”. On this page, designate the money you are donating should be given to The Nevada Sagebrush. Check out and enter your information in order to donate.


Though we’ve seen our revenues dip, advertising still forms the backbone for the work we produce at The Nevada Sagebrush. In order to advertise with us in our print and online product, please visit our advertising site.

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