DHS Senator resigns

At the commencement of the meeting former Senator for the Division of Health Sciences, John Loveland resigned from his position. Loveland explained he was not able to make meetings and commit his full time to The Associated Students of the University of Nevada. Currently the position is open online for qualified applicants.


Green appointed new Director of Clubs and Organizations

Jeff Green was hired as the new Assistant Director of Clubs and Organizations. Greens job entitles him to work alongside Director of Clubs and Organizations, Luke Bittar to help sponsor and hear concerns of the approximately 286 clubs on campus. Green is a university alumni and has set and open door policy to encourage students to voice concerns.


ASUN proposes students representation of free speech committee

After last week’s Senate meeting, President Hannah Jackson met with the board of regents on a free speech aspiration statement, similar to the Chicago statement, mentioned in the September 9 Senate meeting. The board recognized the document as an information only item, but currently NSHE has a committee dedicated to the statement.

Jackson explained, the committee hopes to make changes to NSHE policy by implementing the aspiration statement in the NSHE handbook to later revise policies.  

Due to a lack of student representation on the committee it was asked by the board to have students representatives.The board expressed the possibility of having student representation but haven’t yet confirmed. Representatives would be from the community colleges, state colleges and university level.

Vice President Bradly to bring new app on campus, discuss change of March to the Arch

Vice President Carissa Bradley reported the possibility of integrating the Moocho app on campus. The app is designed to give students discounts on products in the Reno area. Bradley also explained there is a possibility of integrating the app into the Wolf Shops on campus. The app will allow student to pay the discounted prices on their mobile device. Bradley will be meeting with the apps representative on Monday, Sept. 24.   

Bradley also reported the March to the Arch during homecoming week will be moved on-campus. Dr. James Beatty explained the march was moved on campus because there was no way to reserve the road because of scheduling conflicts with other events and the possibility of the game moving days.  

Currently, ASUN is working with the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada to host a canned food drive. Both ASUN and CSUN are reaching out to the Northern Nevada Food Bank and food banks in Southern Nevada, according to Bradley.


Senate votes to bring farmers market to downtown area to benefit students

The senate voted to work alongside On Common Grounds, a non-profit organization focused on food insecurities in the Washoe county. The bill states the council will focus on the downtown and university area, which have shown to have low poverty rates and little availability to markets.  

A survey, reflected in the bill by ASUN in 2016 showed one out of five UNR students don’t know where their next meal will come from. The report also showed a study conducted by the CDC in 2016 outlining that “86% of health-care costs in the United States are due to chronic diseases linked to unhealthy diet.” These statistics led to writing of the bill.

The bill also stated the City of Reno is planning on designating City Center Plaza for the farmers market which will not only provide produce, but also nutrition, fitness and mental health classes.

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