On Nov. 6, students 18-year-olds and older will have the option to elect members in our state and national government. In order to vote in the upcoming election, students will have to register to vote in Nevada, or request an absentee ballot from their county’s voting registrars.

How to Vote

If a student is not registered to vote in the United States, they may request a voter registration form offered by NextGen America volunteers or go on their website. Here, students will fill out personal information of themselves, and will be required to know their Social Security number,  driver license number or state identification number. After students are finished filling out the form, NextGen will mail it to Washoe County Voting Registrar. In a few weeks, students will receive their voting registration card that they can use as proof when they go to vote. Students may also use their driver’s license as proof of voter registration once you receive your voting registration card.

If a student is registered to vote elsewhere in the United States, they may request an absentee ballot. An absentee ballot is a ballot that is sent by someone who is unable to physically vote in their registered county. Students living in residential hall can write the address of the Center for Student Engagement to receive their mail-in absentee ballot.

“Early voting in Nevada begins on Oct. 20,” NextGen America member, Sarah Bass said. “Students are allowed to vote at Joe Crowley Student Union, Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.”

Why it is Important to Vote

On Tuesday, Sept. 25, ASUN is sponsoring National Voter Registration Day from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event will promote students to register to vote and to get a better understanding on the candidates running for office.Students votes can influence how the government is run for the next few years. In the 2016 election only 50 percent of voters aged,18-29 participated.

NextGen America

Volunteers around the University of Nevada, Reno are  associated with NextGen America who are trying to help students register to vote. NextGen America was founded in 2013 by Tom Steyer in hopes to promote: “the climate, equality, health care, immigration and prosperity”.

“Our goal is to get young people more engaged in the political process and to create a community of young activists that are fighting for more just and equal society…many years to come,” Bass said.

Taylor Johnson can be reached at oali@sagebrush.unr.edu or on Twitter @NevadaSagebrush.