Photo courtesy of Hillary Schieve Campaign,
Scheive came to UNR’s campus on Tuesday Sept. 25 to encourage students to register to vote. Scheive emphasized the importance of voting and how students can influence elections.

Mayor Hillary Schieve was on campus Tuesday, Sept. 25, National Voter Registration Day, helping students register to vote in the upcoming Nevada elections on Nov. 6. After four years of serving as the Mayor for the City of Reno, Hillary Schieve is running for reelection.

The Associated Students of the University of Nevada held events around campus to encourage students to vote, understand the importance of voting, learn about candidates and register to vote.

The University of Nevada, Reno has partnered has also partnered with NexGen America and Washoe County Registrar of Voters to help students register.

National Voter Registration Day was first observed in 2012, and is meant to help citizens vote in the upcoming elections. The day allows volunteers around the country register citizens in their county at public events, schools and workplaces.

Despite 750,000 people use National Voters Registration day in 2016, voters aged 18 – 29 had the shortest turn out rate in the 2016 presidential election despite a 1.1 percent increase of voters in this age group, according to the United States Census Bureau.  

Schieve said she is concerned with students lack of voting.

“I’ve seen candidates lose by seven votes, and that can be instrumental when young people get out in vote,” Schieve said. “Once they [youth] get involved they don’t stop. They are really passionate about it. I never want them to think their vote doesn’t matter because I’ve seen first hand where it does.”

Lieutenant Governor of Nevada candidate Kate Marshall explained the reason why students are less likely to vote is due of lack representation and lack of investment in universities.

“Students don’t vote when they fell that people speak to them, with them or for them,” Marshall said. “It’s incumbent upon candidates like myself to say first off: I want to hear from you and second off: I want to represent you… We should be highlighting those universities [Nevada community, state colleges and universities]. We should be celebrating those universities with our resources, with our time, with our treasure. We should make sure we have the best here for our kids because our kids are our future.”

Schieve explained in order to get students to vote is to listen to them and represent issues students want discussed.

“It’s really about listening to your university and what the students want,” Schieve said. “Having them shape the community is really essential. Young people have to realize that they truly can make such a huge difference in our elections and in the process.”  

Schieve further stated that when students get organized and associate themselves with a candidate they will be more likely to get involved in the voting process.

The main issues facing college students in Reno is integrating them into the city, according to Schieve. She further explains she wants student involvement in city decisions.

“For students it’s really important that we get [students] involved in the process,” Schieve said. “They are our future. We have so much talent here. Having the voice of this campus in your city is really beneficial.”