The University of Nevada, Reno, will be holding final exams from Thursday, Dec. 13 through Wednesday, Dec. 19. Final exams can be stressful for students because they usually make up a large percentage of a student’s grade. Although finals are stressful, it is important to implement good habits to be successful during this time.


Studying requires students to dedicate attention and time to understand a subject. Having an organized study area is important to get rid of distractions. It is common for students to have tidy desks since it’s said that students concentrate better. Another effective way students can study for their upcoming exams is to retake past midterms. Many final exams are cumulative meaning past information will be on the test.

Group studying is useful because it helps students exchange information with each other. To have a successful study group, students need to be with motivated focused classmates of around three to four people.  

Tutoring is also available for students during finals. The University’s Tutoring Center allows students to have one-on-one appointments, group appointments and walk-in appointments for their courses. They will be opened during finals week, except on Monday, Dec. 17. Students living in residence halls can also be tutored by their Academic Mentors. There is at least one AM in a residence hall on campus. Each AM has varying study hours so it is important for students to know when they are available.

“So a lot of studying was cramming, but definitely work on every final as you go during the time that you’re given,” said Emily Espinosa, a sophomore student. “Use each day that you’re not working on a final to work on the next final. Set up a time and use each day for the fullest. Don’t underestimate the amount of work finals are. I like writing down notes and I like drawing pictures. I like to study with friends or anybody else that I’m close with because they will just tell me some fancy way of remembering the information.”


Eating well is important during finals in order for students to maintain their energy. Students should have at least two meals a day. Some useful snacks to eat includes fruit, cut-up vegetables, eggs, nuts and dried fruit, chickpeas, yogurt, kale chips, nutrient bars and healthy baked goods.

Students should not always depend on coffee. Consuming large amounts of coffee can trigger headaches, anxiety, agitation, ringing in the ears and irregular heartbeats.

“If you get super caught up in everything that’s going on and everything you have to do, you might forget to eat,” Sarah Adams, a sophomore student said. You probably don’t want to do that. You have to take care of yourself. A coffee addiction is so easy to require. I feel like I’ve acquired it more this year than last year. I feel like I should stop because it makes me more tired throughout the day when you reach the coffee crash. If there’s something you really need to get done drink coffee, but I don’t recommend it habitually.”


Having a regular sleeping schedule is important during finals. Students should sleep seven to nine hours each night to avoid drowsiness the next morning. Students should set an alarm clock as a reminder for them to go to bed. Naps can also replenish energy. This can help balance out a students sleep schedule with their academic schedule.

According to, sleep deprivation can cause memory issues, trouble with concentrating, mood changes, accidents, a weakened immune system, high blood pressure, risk for diabetes, weight gain, low sex drive, a risk of heart disease and poor balance.


Students need time to relax during finals week. Studying for hours without a break can sometimes be counterproductive. Students should relax by walking outside, hanging out with friends, cleaning up and exercising. These activities also can help lower stress.

“I think it’s important for people to realize you have to set up a plan for yourself,” said Karla Arango, a sophomore student.”I set up a plan and set up certain days where I’ll study, whether I do it or not,I have those days set aside for that, but It’s important to give yourself a day or a time to just have a break—to go eat with friends, go to the DC and just talk. Finals are so stressful and it is very overwhelming. Just studying the whole time, your brain is just going to go down.”


It is extremely important for students to check the date, times and locations of their finals. Some student will need to bring scantrons, blue books or other materials professors need.

2019 Spring Semester will begin January 22, 2019.