In 1961, former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy started the beloved White House tradition of choosing a Christmastime theme and decorating the historic blue room Christmas tree.

Throughout the years, White House Christmas decorations have taken different themes and each First Lady has tried to ensure their decorations go down in presidential infamy. Up until now, White House Christmas decorations have been severely underrated because other than middle age housewives, no one pays attention to the decor. But after the reveal of First Lady Melania Trump’s white house decorations, I’ve never seen more overrated decorations since Betty Lou Who got into a competition with Martha May over Christmas lights in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

Last week after the White House press preview, photos of Trump’s decorations hit the internet – and were immediately ridiculed.

The First Lady’s theme was “treasures of America” which was a focus on cities in America, and the beautiful scenery they possess. There were famous skylines carved into wood, ornaments that displayed cities and a soft and welcoming color palette of blue and gold.

All of these little details were completely overlooked by the soreful sight of blood red Christmas trees that line the east colonnade. The trees take up the entirety of the hallway and the entire room looks like the blood scene from “The Shining.” Within hours, the entire hallway became a meme and everyone was wondering what was going through the first lady’s head.

Many people were disappointed in the First Lady’s choice in trees – some even mentioned similarities in the trees to that of the red dresses that captive surrogates are made to wear in the totalitarian society of Gilead, in “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

This year’s White House decorations were a step up from Melania’s lackluster decorations from 2017 – if you forgot, it was all white everything – but even then, all white was a step up from the trees that look like used tampons.

Other first ladies that have had success range from Jackie Kennedy, the mother of White House Christmas, to Laura Bush and her intricate but superior decorations.

Most first ladies take the chance to make Christmas at the White House their own, but Melania’s decorations remind me of a bad SoHo apartment and a dated copy of Town and Country. Melania’s flop falls somewhere between Lady Bird Johnson’s popcorn decorations and Barbara Bush’s doll covered tree. 

Hopefully Melania can redeem herself next year with new ideas and better decorations that won’t turn into memes, but until then, White House Christmas decorations are overrated.

Former First Lady Laura Bush is still the unanimous winner of White House Christmases, which is a great way to seal the Bush name in White House infamy.

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