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Darion: The uniforms even uglier than I am

When Nevada signed with Adidas as their primary apparel sponsor in the summer, it led to months of anticipation. What will the new jerseys for all the sport look like? How will they compare to Nike? How will Jordan Caroline perform without being able to wear Air Jordans for the first time? Many questions.

Then Adidas came out with the football uniforms before the season, and those things were about as average as unseasoned chicken. Just blue jerseys and grey pants with block letters on the front and back — that’s just atrocious. Then, it took forever to release uniforms for other sports. Both the men’s and women’s tennis squads got their jerseys just in time for their seasons to start. Overall, the early releases of Adidas were disappointing with the exception of the Nevada Cross Country uniforms.

Then the release of Nevada’s men’s basketball jerseys came out, and what a disappointment that was. The original pair of threads were glorified practices jersey with a giant wolf logo on the front. Then after the initial release of the two jerseys, they didn’t wear them more than twice choosing instead to debut multiple alternate jerseys. Digital camo uniforms were about as ugly as I am, which is very. Then they debuted five more before getting to the worst of them all — the grey Battle Born jerseys.

I don’t know what person thought that they looked good enough to actually make the jerseys but I can tell they never took a graphic design course in college. The shoulder stripes are ugly, the giant numbers and text with blinding yellow outlines are even worse. Then, the damn back of the jersey is way too messy having the state flag on the back along with the number and nameplate. The home versions of the jersey are arguably even worse. At best they are knock-off versions of San Jose State jersey and why would anyone want to mimic the worst team in the Mountain West Conference? The Nike Battle Born jerseys were as good as it gets and now the only time they’ll be seen is in the student section on the back of some kid.  

It’s pretty hard to state pride or school pride when the jerseys look like that. Adidas has essential swung and missed this year — so let’s hope they get it together next year.


Matt: Why I like the Adidas Uniforms

Last June, the Nevada Athletic Department — joining two other Mountain West schools — switched over to Adidas on a seven-year contract. Nevada previously spent the last ten years with Nike in two separate five-year deals. There was some anticipation on what the upcoming uniforms, and gear, would look like for the next athletic season.  

The Nevada Football uniforms that were worn weren’t that bad. One reason why some didn’t like it is that it had no design. First off, the previous Nike uniforms had a basic design too, so why should these catch any backlash more than the old ones? They weren’t that bad anyways. I don’t think Adidas did a bad job with these uniforms. Personally, with the new Adidas ones, I like the grey ones the best.

Some of the recent uniforms that Nevada Men’s Basketball team have worn — specifically the Battle Born jerseys used against UNLV — have caught backlash within the Sagebrush. I am not sure why, because I liked the grey Battle Born uniforms they used. I did enjoy the navy blue Battle Born uniforms they used last year — my personal favorite — but I don’t think Adidas has done that bad of a job with the uniforms this season.

From the pink and grey uniforms to the camouflage uniforms, I don’t see why Adidas should receive any backlash in this instance. In all honesty, I know we all have superstitions and preferences, but if you are concerning itself over what uniform a team wears, I am not sure what else to say. In the end, it doesn’t matter all that much. I think the uniforms are awesome, but what’s even better is this team. Who cares about what uniforms we are wearing when we’re beating the brakes off of teams!


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