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A Buzzfeed online quiz taker receives the answer that he is “quite privileged” after taking a privilege quiz on Feb. 29, 2016. Online quizzes are a nuisance and have no depth or confirmation that they are accurate.

Buzzfeed lives in the realm of journalism where you can’t decide if it’s truly journalism or if it’s just fun to look at. The web-based media company has been increasingly popular in recent years with their production of cool videos, interesting articles and of course their signature Buzzfeed quizzes. Quizzes are an absolute waste of time and are probably inaccurate.

Taking quizzes has become a personality staple in the past few years. Quizzes have even been used in professional spaces. The Washington Post estimates that two million people take the Myers-Briggs Personality Quiz each year. This renowned quiz has been utilized in many different professions and is often used during team building excercises to try and figure out what “type” of people they are working with.   After answering around 60 questions, this left people with four little letters that their boss promised would help create a more invitng office culture. While Myers-Briggs is a more professional quiz, there’s not doubt that Buzzfeed quizzes are taking over the digital world.

Buzzfeed is the king of the quiz world. From quizzes that can predict what you’re going to buy from Target, to quizzes that tell you what breakfast food you’re most like — quizzes pass the time. That’s essentially the point of quizzes — to create a more personal connection between you and whatever object you’re being quizzed about.

These quizzes are probably being made by Buzzfeed interns who are locked in a basement without food and water, because that’s the only probable explanation for why they’re so ridiculous. As time goes on, these quizzes are getting more crazy and confusing. I may be the only person, but I don’t really need to find out what kind of salad dressing I am. These quizzes aren’t important.

Quizzes are an online nuisance that plagues the digital world. Everywhere you turn there are more quizzes for crazier things, none of which are even close to accurate. But people that live and die by these quiz answer are mistaken. Half the time, the quiz answers don’t match what you outwardly think. Quizzes reveal the internal thoughts and choices of people that aren’t essentially on display. It can be fun to exchange quiz answers with your friends but if your friends don’t understand what your personal beliefs, they’ll probably think the quiz sucks.

Quizzes are overrated becasue they place people within certain groups or blocks and don’t allow for deviation in answers. There’s usually a set amount of quiz answers you can receive and your answers place you in to a specific category of people. This puts more constraints on people and increases conformity.

We live in a society where people are encouraged to freely be whoever they want to be The existence of quizzes that people take so seriously completely negates that idea. Quizzes are a waste of time and there shouldn’t be any more effort dedicated to creating them.

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