Jackson shares results of Board of Regents meeting

President Hannah Jackson shared updates from the NSHE Board of Regents quarterly meeting. The Board of Regents approved the establishment of the Predictable Pricing Program, which will establish pricing four years in advance, giving students the ability to budget paying for tuition. It will also now set registration fees to be set by the Higher Education Price Index with a six percent cap.

President Jackson also announced NSHE passed a resolution in favor of a system-wide study on housing and food insecurity. The study will help inform student leaders and university officials what needs to be prioritized to help student success.


ASUN, State Legislature address legislative priorities

The Senate passed legislation to formally address their priorities for the Nevada Legislature in Carson City. The priorities include housing and food insecurity, affordable higher education, sustainability and sexual assault and harassment. Having the legislation passed would allow the Senate to have clear priorities in place in what legislation at the Nevada State Legislature the Senate supports.

The legislation passed unanimously.

ASUN places moratorium on scholarships

The Senate passed legislation to place a moratorium on ASUN scholarships. The moratorium will temporarily prohibit ASUN scholarships from being funded by the ASUN Capital Account.

Other than the Capital Account, ASUN scholarships are currently funded through ASUN Scholarship Endowments, the ASUN Endowment Income Account.

The legislation passed unanimously.

ASUN passes legislation in support of sexual assault survivors

Senator Mika Alvarez proposed a resolution in support of sexual assault survivors in the state of Nevada.

The Senate expressed disagreements whether to include Tau Kappa Epsilon in the legislation. Sen. Nicole Flangas voiced concern over naming them as there was another fraternity, Theta Chi, facing sexual assault investigations last fall. Sen. Flangas then proposed removing the naming of TKE in the resolution.

The Senate voted to strike that specific part of the resolution naming of TKE in the resolution.

Speaker Pro-Tempore Savannah Hughes proposed to amend the resolution by stating ‘fraternities’ instead of ‘TKE’ or to stop the resolution altogether. The Senate voted unanimously to keep the resolution.

Sen. Hudson rewrote the amendment in order to avoid stating ‘TKE’ and was seconded. The amendment passed unanimously.

Sen. Flangas proposed to amend stating the ‘MeToo movement’ in the resolution. Sen. Alvarez expressed dissatisfaction with the proposal to push back the legislation. The Senate denied the motion to send the resolution back to committee.

The Senate passed the resolution unanimously.


Sen. Hudson receives censure due to not logging outreach hours

College of Business Senator Hannah Hudson received a censure for not completing outreach hours. Senators receiving censure are advised to send an apology to the Nevada Sagebrush. Hudson’s apology is as follows:

Dear College of Business Students,

I was recently censured for neglecting to log my outreach hours, as it is a new system implemented this session a lot of us have had clerical issues as far as the requirements go, that being said there are no excuses, that’s business baby.

xoxo Senator Hudson

Sen. Clemons not censured

College of Science Sen. Troy Clemons was issued a censure for neglecting to log outreach hours and missing committee meetings. After discussion and learning of Sen. Clemons personal reasons for missing meetings, Sen. Clemons explained the outreach hours were completed and there was evidence to prove so.

The legislation was not passed and Sen. Clemons did not receive a censure.

Taylor Johnson contributed to this report.

Olivia Ali can be reached at or on Twitter @NevadaSagebrush.