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The 79th session of the Nevada Legislature began in the legislative builing in Carson City, Nevada on Monday, Feb. 6. ASUN hosted a forum with local legislators.

Nevada State Assemblywoman Sarah Peters, Nevada System of Higher Education Regent Jason Geddes and Reno City Councilwoman Jenny Brekhus participated in the Late Night with your Legislators event on Monday, March 11, in the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center Rotunda.

Members of the ASUN Department of Legislative Affairs hosted the event. The event allowed students to ask the legislators questions about their jobs and current events.

Students asked the panelists questions, including why each of the legislators chose to run for their seats.

“With my background in city planning and having worked in cities and I knew that positions were going to come open on the council and I said, ‘I know as much about cities as these people who have been sitting on the city council,’” said Brekhus. “‘I should step up.’”

Peters agreed, but never foresaw this career for herself.

“I didn’t think I’d ever be in politics.” said Peters. “I started think about what it would take to be in that position to change these regulations to ensure that we could do the job we need to do to make sure our planet is here for the next generation.”

Another student asked about the most important environmental issues in Nevada.

“I would put [transportation fuels] as first and foremost,” Geddes said.

Peters said she feels infrastructure is at the forefront.

“I think it’s our infrastructure,” Peters said. “That goes all the way from how we build our streets to how we manage our landscaping to how we design neighborhoods to how we build our roadways.”

“Allowing through probations, through whatever legislative powers, we need to enact those plans, to go forward on those plans and really dig into them and ensure that we’re giving the resources that are needed to the regions to be able to build or redesign or whatever it is to address those issues,” said Peters.

One student asked about the legislators’ decision-making process.

“My focus and North Star is quality of life in our region,” Peters said. “I try to keep in mind — with the decisions that I make and the stuff I sign onto or vote on — is to make our communities better. Does this enhance our quality of life? How does this impact our quality of life?”

Brekhus agreed with Peters, but said she advocates for the maintaining of the old infrastructure.

“I try to be conscious of the overall regional form issues because my city planning background takes me there,” Brekhus said. “But also, I’m an advocate for maintaining the old infrastructure because it is so easy to [be influenced by] demand…The development pressure, the sprawl, wants and needs the new infrastructure and that’s very influential.”

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