Secretary of the Senate Godoy resigns

Andrea Godoy resigned from her position as the Secretary of the Senate due to graduation and student teaching. She plans to work with the next Secretary of the Senate to have an efficient transition.

COLA Senator resigns

Victoria Yeghiayan resigned from her position as Senator for the College of Liberal Arts due to personal reasons.


Director of the Department of Clubs and Organizations

Davis Florence is a junior, studying Community Health Science and Psychology. Florence worked as the Assistant Director of the Department of Clubs and Organization during the 86th session. Florence believes it is important, in this position, to reach out to as many students possible to make them feel welcomed. He wants to get more students engaged in clubs and organizations on campus. Florence plans to require Club Commissioner to have outreach hours, build focus groups and create a club fair during NevadaFit.

Florence was unanimously approved by the Senate.

Director of Event Programming

Gabrielle Lew is a junior studying Business Management. She has previously worked in ASUN’s Event Programming Department as an intern, programmer and assistant director. Her main goal is to provide large quality events rather than planning clusters of smaller events. In her previous position as Assistant Director of Event Programming, she helped collect data on the 2019 Drag Show Competition and Northern Nevada Diversity Summit to try to improve these events for the future. Lew also plans to reform homecoming week and wants to have a welcome week concert.

Lew was unanimously approved by the Senate.

Chief Presidential Aid

Austin Brown is a freshman, studying psychology and is a part of the Honor College. He is involved in the Resident Hall Association as the Director of Events and Programming, the Nevada Association of Student Councils and was an ASUN judicial intern during the 86th session. Brown wants to help improve the internship program by highlighting exposure, presentations and interviews. Brown also wants to promote the Endowment Fund to students.

Brown was unanimously approved by the Senate.

Attorney General

Omar Moore is a junior, studying economics. He previously worked as the Attorney General during the 86th session. He plans to continue the service he provided in his last term. Moore wants to expand the duties and transparency of the Attorney General to provide clear requirements for the position. He also plans to reform ASUN’s election process, so it is more inclusive to students.

Moore was unanimously approved by the Senate.

Safety, Sustainability, Wellness chair

Senators nominated Sen. Komanduri and Sen. Banfer to the Chair of Safety Sustainability and Wellness.

Sen. Komanduri worked under President Martinez last semester and currently has met with several ASUN chairs and previous ASUN officials. She wants to increase hours of operation at the Student Health Center and to provide more awareness about the health center for students. Sen. Komanduri wants to provide students with more blue lights and educate students on sustainability.

Sen. Banfer’s main goal is to facilitate discussions on sustainability. She promoted having ambitious but maintainable goals. She wants the committee to be dynamic and provide open communication. Sen. Banfer also plans to advocate for education on sexual assault and harassment. She also plans to try to shift campus culture to safe sustainable practices.

Sen. Komanduri was voted to the position.


Senators support Nevada legislation SB254

Sen. Keegan Murphy, Sen. Isabel Westerman and Sen. Steffany Yang presented legislation in support of Nevada State Legislation SB254, which will require the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to conduct annual reports on Nevada greenhouse gas emissions. Nevada produced around 44 million metric tons of carbon emissions in 2013, according to Riley Snyder of the Nevada Independent. The annual report will provide detailed greenhouse gas emissions in transportation, industry, commercial, residential, agricultural, land use and forestry.

The resolution was passed unanimously.

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