A close-up picture of Lady Gaga at a red carpet event. She has a white dress on with a gold choker. Her hair is blonde and slicked back.
Lady Gaga at the 2019 SAG Awards. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

“The last thing the world needs is another beauty brand. But that’s too bad.”

Lady Gaga is no stranger to experimenting with her looks. From the Ziggy Stardust-esque lighting bolt makeup in “Just Dance” to the retro Hollywood glam of the “A Star Is Born” award season appearances, she has always embraced all facets of her artistry. Out of all the current stars stepping into the beauty world, Gaga’s entrance feels right at home—being revered for effortlessly merging art and pop culture throughout her career.

On Sept. 17, Gaga launched her brand Haus Laboratories. Much like everything she puts out, there is always an extended purpose on top of the project itself. Along with the multitude of products, the brand centers around the premise of playing by your own rules and not feeling the need to follow the current beauty trends.

“I think that the world has, in general, really come to a place where everybody’s trying to look like each other,” Gaga said in an interview with Allure. “It’s almost become like this giant social media beauty pageant competition. If doing a full face of makeup like that makes you feel really good, I’m not going to tell you not to do that, or tell you that it’s not cool, or not real. I mean, if that’s you, that’s you. But I do feel that for some people, they’re doing their makeup that way and they’re still not feeling good on the inside.”

Throughout the launch of this line, Gaga has expressed how much makeup has changed her life. Before her career exploded, she dropped out of college to pursue her dreams and surrounded herself with a group of people who used all the colors in the crayon box—not being afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to makeup and fashion. She has described feeling like a superhero when creating looks—proving that for a lot of people, makeup can be a powerful tool in boosting self-confidence. 

The line itself comprises of six different collections. Each themed collection includes a gloss, lip liner and shimmer powder for $49. Outside of the collections, Eye Armor Kits with stickers and a liquid eyeliner are included along with other dynamic lip colors.

The Haus of Chained Ballerina collection—inspired by a dancer’s stage makeup—includes a unique black pearl shimmer liquid eyeshadow among a neutral liner and a peach gloss. As fabulous as it sounds, Haus of Goddess brings in the mixture of champagne and classic pink. The Haus of Rockstar and the Haus of Metalhead collections are as bold as ever—screaming star quality. 

More accustomed—but not too similar—to today’s makeup trends, Haus of Rose Bitch has consumers covered with its monochromatic, no-makeup makeup indications. Wanting to bring the return of certain elements from the seventies, Haus of Dynasty includes a gorgeous emerald for its shimmer eyeshadow—embodying the essence of a true diva. 

Much like how Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty gave us the much needed inclusion that other beauty brands have lacked, Haus Laboratories is continuing on the same path. Practicing what she preaches in her music, Gaga wants those that wear her makeup to feel like a goddess no matter what their pronouns are and it shows in the visuals for the brand. 

Haus Laboratories is now available at HausLabs.com and on Amazon. With the goal of being more easily accessible than most popular beauty brands, the products in Gaga’s line are all under $100—ranging from $16 to $49. 

It’s refreshing to see beauty brands like Haus stray away from the predictability of influencer culture. By surrounding a brand toward celebrating authenticity and using makeup as a tool for an individual’s self-expression, Haus Laboratories seems to have a promising future.

Rylee Jackson can be reached at ryleejackson@sagebrush.unr.edu, or on Twitter @rybyjackson.