Jacqueline Pistorello proposes Counseling Services fee increase

Jacqueline Pistroelle, the Director of Counseling Services gave a proposal to the Senate to increase the Counseling Services fee.

Pistroelle pitched five scenarios ASUN can support:

In the first scenario, students will not receive a fee increase. Counseling Services will have reduced time for counseling sessions and will cut staff. The staff cuts will begin with trainees.

In the second scenario, the counseling fee will increase from $50 to $70 per semester. The fee will start at $60 in 2020 and will increase to $70 in 2021. The fee will allow current staff to continue working at the facility, begin teletherapy, add a case manager, expand on Take5 and Let’s Talk prevention programs and hire a trauma specialist. In this scenario, Counseling Services may create a waitlist for students, faculty and staff who wish to have long-term therapy. Pistroelle wants to have a trauma specialist to help gage which students need long-term therapy.

In the third scenario, the counseling fee will increase from $50 to $70. The fee will start at $60 fall 2020 and will increase to $65 fall 2021 and $70 in 2022.

In the fourth scenario, the counseling fee will increase from $50 to $65. Pistroelle said there will be slower programmatic growth and no trauma specialist in this scenario.

In the fifth scenario, the counseling fee will increase from $50 to $70. The fee will start at $55 in fall 2020 and will increase to $60 in fall 2021, $65 in fall 2022 and $70 in fall 2023. Pistroelle said junior, sophomores and freshmen will not experience all of the new changes.

Community Health Sciences, Dean Larson, proposes increase credit fee

Trudy Larson, the dean at the College of Community Health Sciences proposed a $50 credit fee increase for 300, 400 and 500 level courses. Dean Larson wants more class sections and smaller class sizes. She hopes to have more classes in the day with the fee increase. The increase credit fee will go towards hiring full-time faculty lecturers, full-time staff, career advising, financial aid and funds to support student research, travel, abstracts, conferences and better equipment. Larson said the fee will be renewed every year will the college’s student council and faculty executives. Dean Larson also surveyed the school and received 510 surveys back—52 percent were for the fee increase while 48 percent were against it. Dean Larson also said three other colleges have a credit fee increase for upper-division courses: the College of Engineering, College of Business and School of Nursing.


Director of Diversity and Inclusion Ayanna Releford announces plans for protest

Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Ayanna Releford announced UNRPD will be at the Turning Point USA’s “Culture Wars” event on Monday, Oct. 7 at 7 p.m. She said there will be a peaceful protest at the Gateway Plaza during the event. She encouraged students to come and voice their opinions, but said any students, faculty or staff who are disrespectful will be asked to leave the protest.

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