the Joe Crowley student union stands with a banner reading "UNR welcomes you"
The Joe Crowley Student Union as it stands in Aug. 2017. The University of Nevada, Reno obtained Carnegie Community Engagement Classification for 2020 on Friday, Jan. 31.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching conferred the University of Nevada, Reno with the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification for 2020 on Friday, according to Nevada Today. 

The classification “is intended to assist in a process of institutional change to improve the educational effectiveness of the campus through the institutionalization of community engagement,” according to the Swearer Center.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching is hosted by the Howard R. Swearer Center at Brown University and is a nonprofit.

The classification operates on a five year cycle and requires universities to complete applications that include “data collection and documentation of important aspects of institutional mission, identity and commitments,” according to the Carnegie Classification requirements. 

“The classification highlights the commitment by our students, faculty and staff in collaborating with our city, our region, and our state to enrich scholarship, research, and creative activity, enhance curriculum, teaching and learning, while addressing and finding solutions for the important issues facing our citizens and our world,” said UNR President Marc Johnson in an email on Friday.

According to Nevada Today, the application cited work done with 15 community partnerships. The compilation also included the work of the Center for Student Engagement, specifically mentioning its work through GivePulse, a platform through which students and members of the community connect through volunteer work opportunities. 

The application, compiled in part by Assistant Vice Provost of University Assessment & Accreditation Russell Stone, took 15 months to complete, according to Nevada Today. 

“This recognition highlights our universities’ commitment to creating and building upon reciprocal connections with partners locally, nationally, and internationally,” said Thom Reilly, chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education in a press release Friday. “Making connections with our communities is a priority for the state’s higher education institutions so that we can better meet the needs of Nevada. I’m proud of our students, faculty, and administrators, whose work is reflected in this prestigious honor.”

UNR was among 119 universities to receive the classification. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas also received the community engagement classification on Friday.

Although this is the university’s first “Carnegie Engaged” classification, it is not the first Carnegie classification the university has received. In December 2018, the Carnegie Classification of Institutions gave the university R-1 classification, placing it with 131 universities with “very high research activity.” This classification made the university a Tier 1 research institution. 

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