Senate Recap


SASS President Reyes shares support for fair trade resolution

Karla Saldana Reyes, the president of Students to Abolish Sex Slavery (SASS), shared her support of a bill that would show ASUN’s support towards establishing the University of Nevada, Reno as a fair trade instituion. She said that through fair trade, we are able to prevent human trafficking globally. She also said the university could be the first in Nevada to become fair trade certified. 

ACE fellow asks ASUN senators how to engage students

Edward Martinez, a current fellow with the American Council on Education, asked senators advice on how to get students to participate in focus groups. His fellowship project aims to determine the capacity of the university to serve Latino students. 

Senators gave Martinez suggestions, including reaching out to Spanish professors to coordinate extra credit opportunities, bringing food, offering Amazon gift cards, and using GivePulse. 

Martinez is the vice president of strategic enrollment and management at New Mexico Highlands University. 


Chief Justice Hart shares election charges 

Chief Justice Patyon Hart said there have been four charges related to elections. Three of the charges have been resolved, with three of the judgements published on the ASUN website. The last charge is currently pending, said Hart. 

Hart encouraged candidates to familiarize themselves with the elections code.

Director of Clubs and Organizations announces commissioner resignation

Director of Clubs and Organizations Davis Florence shared the resignation of Club Commissioner Conner Keegan due to an opportunity outside of ASUN. 

Florence also said he had been working on legislation that would allow ten sororities and fraternities currently recognized by the university to be recognized by ASUN, which would allow them to receive funding. He also said that the Clubs and Organizations website had been changed.

Director of Legislative Affairs announces civil discourse workshop

Director of Legislative Affairs Joko Callies said that the Department of Legislative Affairs is holding a civil discourse workshop with Republican Nevada Assemblywoman Jill Tolles on March 2 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. in Joe Crowley Student Union Room 320. 

Callies said the Department of Legislative Affairs is also working on a guide to impeachment, which will analyze the arguments made by both sides during the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Additionally, Callies said the department would be releasing a voter guide for STEM students and candidate guides for the November 2020 elections. 

Director of Campus Wellness talks “Red Zone” campaign

Director of Campus Wellness Claudia Feil gave a presentation about the “Red Zone” campaign, which aims to alert pedestrians to the danger of using their phones when using a crosswalk by painting the sidewalk near crosswalks red. The campaign, which is being carried out by UNRPD and ASUN, will launch on Mar. 2 at 1 p.m. at the Jot Travis Building. 

Feil also said that there are plans to build a traffic signal at the intersection between Evans and Enterprise. She said the City of Reno would pay for the installation of the light and the university would pay for its upkeep, power and maintenance.  


Senators pass legislation in support of fair trade

Senators unanimously passed a resolution that shows ASUN’s support of establishing the university as a fair trade institution. The sponsors of the bill, Senators Harvey and Yang, said that the university hasn’t made all the marks to be established as a fair trade institution and explained that the bill’s language was left intentionally broad with the hopes that it will grow over time. Harvey and Yang said prices of goods on campus would not rise due to the resolution’s passage.

Senators pass legislation in support of banning styrofoam on campus 

Senators unanimously passed a bill in support of prohibiting styrofoam products on campus. Senators Banfer and Yang, the sponsors of the bill, said that the resolution is the first step of a long process that will be made difficult by the high volume of companies that contract with the university. Yang said during a meeting with Panda Express, which is housed in the JSCU, representatives said meals from the chain could increase by $2 in order to be compliant with such a regulation. 

Senators approve legislation calling attention to pedestrian safety

Senators unanimously passed a bill that calls attention to pedestrian safety on the university campus and in the City of Reno. The bill, sponsored by Senator Banfer, called attention to the 20% increase in pedestrian-vehicle collisions from 2017 and 2018 in Reno.

Senators approve ballot question concerning lowering required GPA for ASUN 

Senators passed a resolution to include a ballot question for the 2020 General Election that would amend the Constitution of the ASUN. If passed, the grade point average required to run for ASUN positions would be moved from 2.75 to 2.5. The question must be approved by two-thirds of voters in order to amend the constitution.

Senators fail to pass bill that would alter eligibility requirements to receive ASUN stoles

Senators failed to pass a bill that would have allowed any individual that has worked for ASUN for six months or more to receive an ASUN graduation stole for free. Under current rules, elected senators, president appointed positions, and individuals who have held their position for three semesters received stoles for free, paid for by student fees.

Senator Supple said anyone can buy the stoles for $25 and reminded senators that the stoles are paid for by student fees. This caused some senators to voice their disapproval of using student funds to purchase stoles for anyone. Senator Westerman said she would write legislation striking the stoles completely out of student fees. 

The bill failed on a vote of 5-17.

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