File photo / Nevada Sagebrush

Almost one year after a boiler explosion in Argenta Hall left thousands of Wolf Pack students without a “dorm” to “live” in, the residency hall is opening up for an exclusive interview with The Nevada Tumbleweed. 

An impenetrable fence surrounds Argenta and Nye Hall, so our interview with the building was conducted by stacking multiple of our unpaid sports interns in a cheerleader-esque pyramid. I climbed this structure, armed with a recording device, eager to get closer to where I assume the building’s mouth would be if it had one. 

I asked Argenta my first #hard-hitting journalist question: “Do you blame yourself for the explosion occurring?”

Argenta Hall stayed silent. 

I tried a different tactic. “What are your thoughts on the growing number of diversity issues on campus?” Admittedly this was a softball, but a #goodjournalist knows when to ask the tough questions and when to let the person they’re interviewing get off a good soundbite. 

Hall was quiet at first, but then responded by allowing a ruined piece of building facade to come crashing down to the ground. I’ll let you interpret that as you will. 

It was obviously time to get to the meat of the story. I asked the residency hall the question that was burning a hole in my pocket: “If you could tell me a sob-story right now that would help me win a Hearst student journalist award, what would you say?”

The building began to rumble, belting out emotion that sounded vaguely like a jackhammer, some power drills and the stomping of work boots. The statement was so moving and worthy of giving me an award that I thought the metaphorical boiler-room known as my heart would explode as well. 

One final question: “If you could say one thing to any other residency halls out there dealing with being exploded, what would you say?”

A voice from deep within Argenta’s soul stirred when I asked the question. I leaned in to capture the voice of the building itself. 

“¡Llevamos mucho tiempo trabajando en este edificio!” said the voice from within Argenta Hall.

I reached out to our Spanish Editor for a translation, but he won’t respond to my texts. Even still, I assume whatever Argenta Hall said was really brave. 

Vincent Rendon can be reached at or on Twitter @VinceSagebrush.