The words "5 Disney Movies To Watch At Home" in blue over the Disney castle.
Original photo by Marc Levin/Flickr. Graphic by Emilie Rodriguez/Nevada Sagebrush.

It’s hard to stay inside all day when there is only work, school, or random movies and shows to keep people busy. UNR students were asked which live action movies met their expectations from the classic animated films. While there are many live action adaptations done by Disney, here are five you don’t want to miss out on. 

“Beauty and The Beast” (2017)

“Beauty and The Beast” is a timeless tale of Belle falling in love with a cursed beast and how he returns to his human form. There are plenty of reasons to love this movie. The music is beautifully done, and the characters, especially the teacup Chip, make everyone enjoy this family-friendly movie. The live action film, released in 2017, was received with a warm welcome from many audiences. While some disliked the performance of Belle’s classic golden dress, many believed the film lived up to the animated classic.  

“I have ‘Beauty and The Beast’ as my first choice because it was brilliantly done,” said Max Grieve, a UNR bioarchaeology major. “I loved the story as a child and watched the animated one so many times, so to watch it again in live action and have it come to life took me back to being a little girl wanting to be just like Belle.”

Directed by Bill Condon, the movie generated 1.264 billion in the box office. With an audience score of 80 percent and a Rotten Tomatoes score of 71 percent, the movie did very well with its respective budget. 

“I chose ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to be number one becasue of its retelling of the classic animation,” said UNR sophomore Melanie Mendez. “We got to see a bond between Belle and Maurice that wasn’t portrayed in the original film. Also, the animation was beautiful and made it hard to look away for even a couple of seconds.” 

“Aladdin” (2019)

“Aladdin” was a close second to “Beauty and The Beast.” It was released more recently in 2019, with a popular cast of Will Smith, Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud. The film was praised for its diversity and its animation. With a revised soundtrack and an original solo “Speechless,” performed by Scott herself, this live action remake takes audiences back to the classic film with the street rat Aladdin, falling for the independent princess Jasmine. 

“I chose ‘Aladdin’ as my number one becasue I thought they performed the songs in the best way out of all of these,” said Kaylin Sparks, a psychology major at UNR. 

With an audience rating of 94 percent, this isn’t a movie you want to miss while at home. It’s family friendly and it expands upon the characters in a way the animated movie didn’t. “Aladdin” also introduces amazing costumes, lively music and inspiring dance moves to keep people entertained for its two hour and eight minute run time. 

“The Lion King” (2019)

Also released in 2019, the live action “The Lion King” did not disappoint audiences. It’s a splendid retelling of the classic animated film with Simba idolizing his father, King Mufasa, of the Pride Lands. However, Scar, Mufasa’s evil brother, kills Mufasa and blames the death on Simba. An ashamed Simba runs away, only to meet new friends. After being persuaded to return to the Pride Lands, Simba and his friends battle Scar and the vicious hyenas. 

“I loved the CGI done in ‘The Lion King,’” said information systems major Brendon Price. “It does a great job at bringing out some of the finer details of the characters, as well as showing the power of modern animation.”

This live action movie will make audiences laugh, cry and keep people on the edge of their seats as Simba finds his path to be the new king of the Pride Lands. Directed by Jon Favreau, this one hour and 58 minute film is a great choice to watch at home. With the voices of Beyoncé, Donald Glover, James Earl Jones, John Oliver and Seth Rogan, “The Lion King” truly brings the Disney magic for family and friends. 

“Dumbo” (2019)

Another adaptation, Dumbo, brings families back to the original animated 1941 film where a young circus elephant is born with large ears. While being tormented by a group of children, Dumbo’s mother protects him, only to be locked up in the process. While Dumbo is dressed like a clown and teased by all, he learns that his big ears can make him fly, changing the way people see him. 

While there isn’t as much as a shock factor to this adaptation, it is a dark retelling with stunning CGI visuals. Directed by Tim Burton and starring Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton and Eva Green, this movie touches the hearts of its audiences.

“‘Dumbo’ doesn’t waste any time drawing our attention to the shadows,” said Michael O’Sullivan, a reporter for the Washington Post

“The Jungle Book” (2016)

Last, but certainly not least, comes the retelling of the 1967 animated film “The Jungle Book.” This movie was released in early 2016 and was also directed by Jon Favreau. With cult classic songs like “The Bare Necessities,” this live action retelling will impress every audience with its realness and sense of family. 

Mowgli, a man cub raised by a pack of wolves, must flee his home to evade the menacing tiger Shere Khan. Upon running away, Mowgli meets the carefree sloth bear Balloo. With Balloo and the bare necessities, Mogli maneuvers his way through the treacherous jungle in an epic journey of self discovery and growth into manhood. 

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 94 percent and an audience score of 86 percent, you don’t want to miss this movie. It might be older than the rest, but the action and adventure doesn’t disappoint. 

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