Image of a room with an assortment of white tables with laminated stacks of posters on all the tables.

Isaac Hoops/Nevada Sagebrush
The Poster Invasion Sale took place on the fourth floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union.

The University of Nevada, Reno hosted a poster sale event on the fourth floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union from Aug. 23-27, 2021. 

Some of the categories of these posters and art prints included singers and rappers, bands, superheroes and villains from comics, television shows, classic movies, anime characters, sports teams, sports players, Pokémon characters, vacation spots, depictions of nature, new and old artist pieces and many more. There was a variety to choose from, each category representing most of the passions of this generation of students.

Young male student looking through stacks of laminted posters on tables.

Isaac Hoops/Nevada Sagebrush
A student looks through the laminated flip-books of posters.

The posters were available to be looked at and purchased anytime between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Large posters went for $10-$15, small posters went for $9-$12 and exclusive art prints went for $10-$14. 

Star lights, sticky putty, small glass frames, large frames, mystery posters, tapestries and postcards were also being sold at the event for a variety of prices. 

One of the most inspiring discoveries about Poster Invasion, the business which sells these awesome products, is that it is a woman-owned social enterprise. 

This enterprise is known for being the first female-owned business to successfully thrive in the poster sale industry.

The group works with artists from all over the world to bring their pieces to this generation in print form. These signed artists who work with them are also paid a direct percent of sales, according to the Poster Invasion website.

Poster Invasion originated in South Carolina, but travels across the country to have pop-up poster sales on campuses across the country for thousands of students. 

The reason for their abundance of categories and options for students to look through is to provide an “inclusive space” full of diversity where students interests can be represented from “a wide selection from smash hit classic posters, to fresh off the press artist prints.”

The university’s decision to include this diverse sale of posters for all students from an inclusive enterprise was a great success. The sale allowed for students to find ways to decorate their space with their interests. 

The poster sale activity was a great way to help students of the university readjust to in-person events.

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