Being tall is a gift … so they say. 

When it comes to living though, height can get in the way of living comfortably and even stray a person away from some jobs. The men and some of the women on the Nevada basketball team face these difficulties. While there are some restrictions to a towering height, there are also many benefits to being tall.

What things are difficult for tall people when it comes to life? First and foremost: beds.

The length of beds, even a Twin XL, does not suffice for those who are tall. Twin beds and full beds are both 75 inches in length, and 13 out of 15 of the men on the Nevada team are taller than that. 

Freshman guard Jason Mensah is 70 inches tall, which comes out to 5 feet 10 inches, and junior guard Grant Sherfield is 74 inches, which makes him 6 feet 2 inches tall. Mensah and Sherfield may fit more comfortably on a 75 inch bed and would definitely have room on an 80 inch bed. 

Our 6 feet 4 inch tall and under men are best suited for an 80 inch Twin XL, Queen and King size bed. Meanwhile, the players above 6 feet 4 inches might need to look into a Cali King bed, which is 84 inches. Unfortunately for junior forward Warren Washington and junior center Will Baker, they are the exact same size as a Calif King bed. 

All of the women have the height to lay comfortably on an 80 inch bed, and only a few would not be able to do any of the 75 inch and below options. Ten of the women are over 70 inches, leaving them a small amount of room left over. 

More challenges tall people may face at home include the height of a standard door and shower head which are both 80 inches. All of the women’s team have multiple inches to spare with these obstacles. The men on the other hand have a few team members who must duck through doors and bend to get their hair wet in the shower. Junior forward K.J. Hymes is 6 feet 10 inches tall, 81 inches. Baker, Washington and freshman forward Nick Davidson, all at 6 feet 8 inches tall, 80 inches, are the unlucky ones. 

Height is also a factor in some jobs, such as the armed forces and becoming an astronaut. Men of the armed forces are more likely to be drafted if they are between 60-80 inches tall. Eleven of the 15 men would qualify to be drafted. For the women, the height range is between 58 and 80 inches and everyone on the team falls into those heights.

Astronauts have a very interesting height range at 62-75 inches. Mensah and Sherfield are the only men who could shoot to the stars … literally. All of the women would be able to take the trip up into space if the chance ever came their way. 

Other difficulties such as finding clothes long enough for the mens and women’s legs, arms and torsos may be challenging. Tall people may feel awkward taking photos with other people who are shorter. It may lead to a bad leaning, crouching and bad posture habit. 

Imagine how many times the basketball players have been asked how tall they are? 

Being tall has difficulties, but there are bright sides to it. These Wolf Pack basketball players have many advantages not only in basketball, but also in their normal lives. 

Can’t reach the top shelf? Need a lightbulb changed? Ask your friendly neighborhood basketball player. With heights up to seven feet, extra inches with shoes and a large wingspan, they have advantages to reach up high. Their long, typically muscular arms, can add up to a great one-on-one or group hug. 

While at a large event or even just the grocery store, these people would be easy to spot. They can even help you find someone since they can see over multiple heads. At a music festival or movie, tall people have no problem with others blocking their view. They always have the best view. However, others may be annoyed when they have to stand or sit behind them and all you can see is their head.

An obviously good reason for being tall is to play basketball. 

The height of the rim for college basketball is 10 feet. All of the Nevada basketball players have the potential advantage of being able to dunk because of their heights. Their arm span and vertical range are also large factors in their performance. It is harder to get around a seven foot player’s block compared to a five foot player’s. The athletes learn how to use their height in ways they do not outside of sports.

So the next time you are laying in bed, taking a shower, lost at a concert or playing a pickup game of basketball, keep in mind what positives and negatives you may be missing out on because of your height. 


Kelsey Middleton can be reached at or on Twitter @kelsmiddleunr.