Tré Coleman runs with the ball.

Photo courtesy of Nevada Athletics. Tré Coleman finished with the second highest amount of points with 13.

Nevada men’s basketball defeated the New Mexico Lobos, at home, 79-70 on Jan. 1for the first game of conference play.

Warren Washington scored the first seven points for Nevada. The Lobos were trailing until Saquan Singleton, Jaelen House and Jamal Mashburn Jr. added nine points to gain the lead. 

Grant Sherfield had a very low scoring first half with only two points from free throws, but helped the team with six assists. 

Alem Huseinovic was subbed in for Sherfield and Kenan Blackshear in the last seven minutes of the half and sunk a three and two free throws. Huseinovic put Nevada two points behind the Lobos. Desmond Cambridge Jr. finished the half with a dunk and Nevada trailed by one. 

New Mexico was able to keep a lead all throughout the first half being one point ahead, 36-35. 

At the beginning of the second half, the teams were back-and-forth for taking the lead. 

Will Baker put up four points and Kenan Blackshear added three to take the lead for Nevada. Sherfield and Tré Coleman got back in their groove and started to add their share of points to continue the Nevada lead at 56-48. 

The Lobos were only able to gain three points from free throws, then Mashburn and House led them to be only five points behind Nevada in the last 30 seconds of the game. After New Mexico took a time out Nevada added three more points to the scoreboard after the Lobos fouled.

Nevada won 79-70 and led for 18:32 in the second half. The men went 26-61 in field goals; led in rebounds, 43-39; and assists, 18-13.

Coleman made his way up on the leaderboard with 13 points after his consistent shots made in the second half. Cambridge finished with 18 points and Washington and Baker both had 12. Sherfield had a low scoring game finishing with ten points, which is his third lowest scoring game of the season so far. 

Nevada is now 7-5 and will take on 11-2 Wyoming on Jan. 4. 


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