Senator of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada Brennan Jordan of the Division of Health Sciences was censured last week. His censure marks the first time this semester a Senator has been censured.

Censure is a formal scolding of a public official. In ASUN, if a senator loses five points they can be recommended for a censure by the Committee on Oversight. A senator can lose two points after six unexcused absences from their office hours, one point for having an unexcused absence from a Senate Committee meeting, a point for three unexcused tardies in a Committee meeting and two points for three unexcused tardies from a general senate meeting.

ASUN appointed officials can also be censured if they fail to complete their report before the senate.

After an ASUN elected or appointed official accumulates a loss of five points, the Committee on Oversight conducts a hearing in which the official is given the opportunity to present oral or written testimony either defending or admitting to their absences.

A senator’s first censure includes a recommendation that the senator releases a public statement or apology to the Nevada Sagebrush.

Brennan’s censure marks the first this senate session, contrary to years in the past where oftentimes more than one senator or public official was censured.

Below is Brennan’s formal censure apology.

Students of the University of Nevada, Reno,

When I was elected as senator for the Division of Health Sciences, I received a mandate to carry out my office to its greatest extent; However, over the course of my term I have made enough errors for it to be determined I have not done just that.

Most of the errors fall largely to a lack of communication which is one of the cornerstones of holding public office. I realize my errors and have nobody to blame except myself.

To every student I represent in the Division of Health Sciences and to the student body at large: I am deeply sorry for my abuse of office and lack of communication. Be assured that for the remainder of my term I will do nothing to undermine the job which all of you graciously gave me last March.


Brennan Jordan

Senator, Division of Health Sciences