COLA bringing in diverse studies, staff

Debra Moddelmog, dean of the College of Liberal Arts, presented to the Senate on what her college is doing to improve diversity, inclusion and equity. Moddelmog said two of her goals is to build a curriculum that brings more understanding of diversity and recruiting a more diverse staff. A donor has given $40,000 to create programming about diversity and against hate. Another donor gave $10,000 for the same reason. Moddelmog said they are changing the women’s studies program name to gender, race and identity for the fall of 2018. Students can then focus on women studies, ethnic studies and more. The GRI program already exists in the COLA, but it is only a minor program, and they would like to make it a major program. This is a university-wide project that is coming out of the COLA.

Melanie Duckworth, assistant dean of diversity and Inclusion for the COLA, joined Moddelmog. She said she hasn’t been this excited in her 16 years at the university because Moddelmog has put money toward diversity efforts. She said that UNR needs to have a diverse student body.

The COLA is hiring 23 faculty members that specialize in cultural, LGBTQ, religious and other diverse studies.

Elohist Bible Club denies trafficking rumors

Dalen Ward, a UNR student in the College of Science came to the meeting to help end rumors that his church is involved in illegal sex trafficking. Ward is a part of the Elohist Bible Club and said these rumors are spreading on social media, which makes it hard to recruit new members. He said the bible club is on campus to spread love to combat hate, and there wasn’t any evidence to support these claims.


ASUN to introduce trial compost program

Director of Sustainability Brita Romans said the composting project is still ongoing. ASUN is working with a company that will provide high-quality compost at cheaper rates. However, it is still expensive. Romans said they will be doing a trial program before they implement a full-on compost program.


Sens. Cook, Se censured by Senate

Senator Cook and Se were censured for missing too many Senate and committee meetings. ASUN has a point-based censure program, where Senators are given fractions of a point for not meeting ASUN obligations — including tardiness, absences and not attending office hours. Senator Cook has accumulated five points and Senator Se six points. They are both required to write a letter of apology, to be published in The Nevada Sagebrush within a week of being censured. However, The Nevada Sagebrush did not receive letters from either senator as of print time.

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