UNR expects to hit 25,000 undergraduates by 2025

Melisa Choroszy, associate vice president, Enrollment Services & Commencement, Registration, reported to the Senate about projected registration at the university. Choroszy said the university expects to hit 25,000 students by 2025. She also said there is a slow in university enrollment country-wide because of a decrease in the size of high school classes.


Senate creates Department of Campus Wellness and the Sustainability

Sen. Nicole Flangas proposed legislation to the Senate that moved to combine the duties of the Director of Sustainability and the Director of Campus Wellness into one department. Currently, the directors are separate positions, but the bill says they hold the same responsibilities and aims. The bill creates a new department with one director and two assistant directors to complete the duties labeled for the department in the Statutes of the Associated Students. The department would not be created until fiscal year 2019. The bill passed.

Public and Campus Relations becomes director-only department

The Committee on Government Operations proposed legislation to decrease the employment of the Department of Public and Campus Relations to just the director position. Currently, no one else but the director works for the department, and this change to the SAS would reflect their actual responsibilities. Duties such as K-12 outreach and Pack Friendly Businesses would be moved to different departments under ASUN. The bill passed.

Elections responsibilities moved to the Center for Student Engagement

The Elections Commission was dissolved under ASUN and the responsibilities were moved to the Center for Student Engagement. Currently, the Elections Chair is appointed by the ASUN president, but the bill says this could create bias in the process. The bill aims to move the position to a paid, student position under the CSE in order to avoid bias. It would be the responsibility of this person to advertise year-round how to get involved in ASUN. The bill passed.

Senate office hour requirement revised

The Committee on Government Operations also proposed a bill that would get rid of office hours for the ASUN senators and replace them with outreach hours. Currently, senators are required to host office hours every week where constituents can come express their concerns. According to the bill, this method is ineffective because the senators’ office is behind a locked door. They want to replace office hours with outreach hours where senators go out onto the campus and talk to their constituents, which has proven more effective. They can also use this time to write legislation. The bill passed.

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