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Meet the Staff

Olivia's Bio

Originally from Sacramento, Calif., Olivia is a third-year journalism student in the Reynolds School of Journalism. She began writing for the Nevada Sagebrush as a freshman and worked her way up to News Editor and later Editor-in-Chief. She participated in NPR’s 2019 Next Generation Radio Bootcamp. She also interned with the Reno Gazette Journal during the 2019 summer.

After graduating, Olivia hopes to work as a full-time reporter. She can be reached at or on Twitter @OliviaNali.

Kennedy's Bio

Kennady Pine transferred to UNR from Las Vegas her sophomore year. She is a journalism major and it is her first year working for the Sagebrush. When she graduates, Kennady hopes to write for either a newspaper or magazine.

Kennady Pine

News Editor
Carla's Bio

Carla Suggs is the Arts and Entertainment Editor of the Nevada Sagebrush, and is a senior journalism student with a minor in anthropology.

Carla is a fan of various types of artistry, and believes that art acts as a universal language which can be understood by people regardless of their background. She also enjoys analyzing how cultures are affected by popular entertainment, and how it changes the way we view the world. At the same time, Carla looks to highlight local art and talent by giving them a platform to discuss their work.

After graduating, Carla hopes to join the Peace Corps and make an impact on the world while documenting her experiences along the way.

Carla can be reached by email at and on Twitter @c_swayzy.

Carla Suggs

Arts and Entertainment Editor
Jacey's Bio

Jacey Gonzalez is the Opinion Editor of the Nevada Sagebrush. She is majoring in journalism and minoring in Holocaust, Genocide and Peace Studies.

Jacey is completing up a 3-year internship with the National Hemophilia Foundation and will be interning at a non-profit foundation in Las Vegas over the summer. She holds a chair on the Board of Directors for the Nevada Chapter of Hemophilia and sits on a Center for Disease Control advisory panel. Her favorite activities are volunteering, reading books and watching the Golden Knights with Madeline Purdue.

After graduation, Jacey hopes to pursue a MA in Communications on the east coast. She hopes to be the next Carrie Bradshaw.

Jacey can be reached for comment, inquiries and more at and on Twitter @JaceyLGonzalez.

Darion's Bio

Darion Strugs is the Sports Editor of the Nevada Sagebrush. He is a journalism major with a minor in Sociology.

Darion hails from Las Vegas and moved to Reno before the start of his freshman year. He doesn’t have all the awards and accolades as his colleagues but he is a damn good writer.

When he graduates, Darion hopes to continue writing about sports -- either for a newspaper or for a magazine.

Darion can be reached via email at and on Twitter @dstrugs.

Clay Temme

Copy Editor

Robert Roth

Copy Editor

Andrea Wilkinson

Photo Editor
Nicole's Bio

My name is Nicole Skarlatos and I am the design editor for the Nevada Sagebrush. I am a third year major in digital media and am minoring in journalism. During summer I am doing a summer internship with MK House Consulting in their marketing and graphic design department in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nicole Skarlatos

Design Editor
Jessie's Bio

Jessie Schirrick is the Social Media Manager for the Nevada Sagebrush. She is majoring in journalism and minoring in Women’s Studies.

One day, Jessie realized she was addicted to Twitter and decided to feed her addiction professionally. Jessie has worked in several different social media-related positions for organizations such as Arizona State University’s Womyn’s Coalition and Join Together Northern Nevada.

After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, Jessie hopes to begin taking serious steps toward figuring out what she wants to do with her life, attend graduate school and work in the nonprofit sector.

Jessie can be reached via email at and on Twitter @jschirrick.

Bailey MeCey

Brushup Editor
Austin's Bio

Hi, my name is Austin Daly, I'm 19 years old and I'm a first year student (heading into my second) and I'm the Assistant Multimedia Editor. I'm studying journalism and over the summer I'll be staying in reno (originally from Roseville, CA) and moving into my first apartment. I want to work for a local broadcast news station and dedicate my focus to making sure that local communities have good coverage too. And my email is

Austin Daly

Assistant Brushup Editor

Emily Fisher

Staff Writer
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