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Editor’s Note: The Nevada Sagebrush is not a global news source and simply reports on campus happenings. For more information about the conflict in Israel and Gaza, please refer to other, more global media organizations.

Patricia Charlton, the chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education released a statement on behalf of the organization on Oct. 12 regarding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

The statment said this:

“On behalf of the Nevada System of Higher Education, I want to express my sincere condolences for the families devastated by the terrorist attacks led by the Hamas. NSHE condemns these acts of senseless violence in Israel that have a reverberating effect felt here in Nevada, taking an emotional toll on our students, faculty and staff as these events continue to unfold.

Across NSHE, we will continue to provide support to our students and colleagues, respecting the widely different views of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but letting it be known that incidents of targeted harassment, direct threats, or the creation of pervasively hostile environments for vulnerable populations will not be tolerated. Our institutions will remain steadfast in our commitment to providing safe and inclusive learning environments during these particularly challenging times when our commitment to mutual respect and support are tested.

University Police Services (UPD) is committed to campus safety and community support during these trying times. UPD encourages our communities to practice “See Something, Say Something” protocols and report suspicious, violent or illegal activity 24/7 at the below phone numbers or through your respective campus safety app, available through the App Store or

the Google Play store. This app provides students, employees, faculty, and community members access to a number of public safety resources, including but not limited to, requesting a late-night security escort, real-time chat with UPD dispatch personnel, reporting criminal or suspicious activities, and submitting anonymous crime tips. Safety tips are also available at each Police Department website.

Contact University Police Department at:
Northern Nevada: (775) 334-COPS(2677)  


Patricia Charlton

The Muslim Student Association of the University of Nevada, Reno released a statment in response to NSHE’s statment, titled “MSA Request for Clarification on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Communication.”

Here is the statement:

“Dear Chancellor Charlton,

We respect your acknowledgment of the recent tragic events relating to the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel. We appreciate your commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive environment across NSHE. We understand the challenges in addressing such a sensitive issue.

However, we couldn’t help but feel concerned about the wording in your recent communications. While we fully respect the need to condemn acts of violence and ensure the safety of the community, we also believe it is crucial to maintain a balanced and unbiased stance, especially in the context of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The statement, as it stands, has raised concerns within the Muslim and Palestinian communities and has been perceived as biased and discriminatory towards a large group of students. We believe it is essential for our institutions to be fair and inclusive to all students, irrespective of their backgrounds or affiliations.

The attack on innocent civilians, no matter by which side, is something that must be condemned and denounced. We understand your acknowledgement of the injustices that occurred against the Israeli civilians. But without any condemnation of the killing of the Palestinian kids, women, and elderly civilians, this issue ends up becoming partisan and divisive. We do not condone the attacks of Hamas on innocent people, and we never will, but we must also put a lens on the sufferings of the people of Palestine. As this letter is being written, the ongoing conflict has displaced over 423,000 Palestinians while still being deprived from water, food, electricity, or medical aid, an action taken by Israel on October 9th, 2023, which amounts to a war crime according to U.N. Human Rights spokesperson Ravina Shamdasani. All that we are asking for is the acknowledgement of our fellow humans in Palestine who are also suffering from this ongoing conflict. 

We understand the complexity of the situation and the need to address safety concerns, but it is crucial that your communications reflect a commitment to fairness and inclusivity. This is to ensure that a biased and discriminatory atmosphere is not supported.

We are more than willing to engage in a constructive dialogue to explore ways we can refine our communications to better reflect our commitment to mutual respect and support for all members of the NSHE community. Your leadership and the words stated are instrumental in ensuring that our institution remains a welcoming, inclusive, and safe space for everyone.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Muslim Student Association of University of Nevada.”

To read the statment released on behalf of the university by Brian Sandoval, the president of the university, click here.

The above statement was made by the Muslim Student Association fo the University of Nevada, Reno. Opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily express the views of The Nevada Sagebrush or its staff. For any questions regarding the statement please reach out to

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