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Home means Nevada, home means the hills. Home means marching through the streets in Nevada pride.

On a cheerful, yet chilly morning in Carson City, Nev., a parade ran down Carson St. to celebrate Nevada’s admission to statehood. With an early start on Oct. 28, 2023, the streets were crowded with Nevadans and guests gathered in their capital city to watch the parade’s guests and floats roll down the street waving and performing to the crowd. 

Attendees waved Nevada and America flags, children were in costumes with bags and buckets reaching for candy from the parade floats, and a variety of cultures and groups were represented in a spirited and fun manner at the historic downtown of Carson City. 

Community spirit was demonstrated outside of the parade itself through the day’s lively lineup of complementing events. From a hot sir balloon launch, a single-jack rock drill competition, a beard contest, and a post-parade celebration of vendors and bands playing music to provide a full day of fulfillment to the phrase ‘Home Means Nevada.’

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