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Nick Stewart / Nevada Sagebrush
The red car (left) was crashed into by the car adjacent to it, subsequently sending the it underneath the white SUV on the far right after the crash on 11th and Virginia St. on Feb. 28. Two of the three cars had to be towed.

A three-car accident occurred on North Virginia Street in front of the Jot Travis Building, resulting in a man from the accident running onto the University of Nevada, Reno campus.

A driver was hit initially by the man who caused the crash, which subsequently lodged her car underneath the car in front of her.

According one driver who was involved in the crash, who is choosing to remain anonymous for safety purposes, she was coming to a stop at the light on 11th and Virginia St. and was “hit in the rear end very hard.” She immediately put her car in park and went to check on the other car involved in the crash.

“The lady behind me, her car was smashed into my car and there was another car on the side of her car in the turn lane that hit her front passenger panel, which threw her into my back panel,” said the woman. “The gentleman took off and ran and UNR Police ran after him.”

Nick Stewart / Nevada Sagebrush
A red car was ran into by the car adjacent to it before the light on 11th and Virginia St on Feb. 28. The red car became lodged under another car who was coming to a stop at the light.

Prior to fleeing the scene, the perpetrator dropped a small dog which has yet to be located.

A man who was seen being chased by UNR Police Department on the south end of campus was confirmed to be the source of the crash. He was later detained and loaded into a stretcher.

The reason for fleeing is unknown, but according to people on the scene his tags were expired.

The street is expected to be reopened in about 30 minutes according to Scott Walquist, director of communications at the university.

This is a developing story, please check back for updates.

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