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The Nevada Faculty Alliance strongly condemns discriminatory, harassing or otherwise unacceptable behavior by any members of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) community. As such, we are deeply angered by repeated anti-transgender comments made by Regent Patrick Boylan during the quarterly Board of Regents meeting on Friday, March 1st. We are especially appalled by his aggressive response to a student leader who gave public comment decrying remarks made earlier in the meeting. In the March 1 meeting, Regent Boylan also questioned the qualifications of students from underrepresented minority groups. These are not isolated incidents. Regent Boylan has a history of racist and discriminatory remarks that have been condemned by a number of NSHE students, including the Senate of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada.

This behavior is not only offensive, it violates the NSHE Board of Regents Anti-Discrimination Resolution, which states that “the Board recognizes its resounding responsibility to the NSHE community, the State of Nevada, and its higher education families throughout the nation to denounce any words or actions with discriminatory intent or effect, and such efforts are exemplified by the leadership and representations of its Regents.”

Because Regent Boylan’s comments have directly attacked thousands of members of the NSHE community and are in direct violation of the Regents’ own anti-discrimination resolution, the State Board of the Nevada Faculty Alliance calls for his immediate resignation.

The State Board of the Nevada Faculty Alliance

Jim New, President and TMCC-NFA Chapter President
Shantal Marshall, Vice President
Joey Ray, Secretary
Cheryl Cardoza, Treasurer
Ted Chodock, CSN-NFA Chapter President
Pete Martini, NSU-NFA Chapter President
Doug Unger, UNLV-NFA Chapter President
Todd Ruecker, UNR-NFA Chapter President
Heather Reardon, WNC-NFA Chapter President
Kent Ervin, Past President
Staci Walters, Collective Bargaining Committee Chair

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