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The wait is over for Delta Gamma members: the lavish 14-thousand square-feet house is underway and set to complete construction soon — making it the largest sorority house on the University of Nevada, Reno campus. 

Construction on the exterior is scheduled for completion in February and the interior in July. Members of the Delta Gamma chapter will have the opportunity to live in the house starting in the fall semester of next year, hopefully before their work week, where they practice for the process of allowing other women to seek membership in their sororities’ chapters on campus.

“It is a long process, getting the lot, and because of COVID-19 we were pushed back a little bit,” said Lauren Garner, former Delta Gamma president. “We were supposed to have a house a few years ago and it just never ended up working out because of Covid and the delays and all of the supply chain issues. So we are glad that it is finally coming together.”

Set to be adorned with Delta Gamma colors — bronze, pink and blue — the house will be able to accommodate 40 members to live-in, with 15 bedrooms on the second floor of the home, two in the basement and a room for the house director. 

The main floor will have a foyer, access to the staircase and a formal living room that will also double as a guest room if necessary. There will also be an informal living room with a television and a dining room to accompany it. The main floor will also occupy the kitchen and the housing director will have a designated office space, bathroom, living space and bedroom. 

Garner has played a hands-on role in the building and design of the chapter’s upcoming house, however she will not have the opportunity to live in the house. 

“I will not be here because I graduate in May, but I will still come back and see it and everything and I will have a room that says my name on it,” said Garner. “I have done a lot of work for the house. I have been meeting with interior designers, we have been talking about different things we want to do and deciding as the housing corporation on what we want to do design wise.”

“It will be very modern and timeless looking because we want it to last forever and age well,” Garner said.

Claire Glover, a new member of the Delta Gamma sorority, who is hopeful about living in the house in the future. She was asked if she would want to live in the house during her time at the university. 

“I was thinking about it. Probably, yes. That would be fun to get to know everybody better, meet everyone and hang out, become genuine sisters and have fun with all of them,” Glover said.

The sorority will not own the house due to a lease-to-build agreement with 9th Street Properties, whom they are currently renting from and are also the builders for the house. 

Since the chapter currently does not own the house, they will be holding capital fundraisers to help the chapter fully purchase and own the house. The chapter is not sure if the fundraisers will be open to the public or be for Delta gamma members and alumni exclusively.  

“I think that most Delta Gamma’s would want to buy them but I think it would be a really cool opportunity if we open it up to the community,” said Garner. “Delta Gamma’s across the nation are excited for us which I think is fun.” 

Once the walls are finished, and it is safe for people to be in the house they want to have an event that allows Delta Gamma members and alumni to pay to sign the walls. They also plan to sell bricks as well. There will also be an opportunity for people to sponsor a room and Garner will be one of the sponsors.

Currently, Delta Gamma pays the smallest amount of dues for their members, $776 for fall and $907.75 for spring. However, due to the new house their dues will be raised, similar to the other sororities on campus. 

“We are paying the lowest amount of dues on campus right now. It will be a little bit of a jump for our women but I think that they are ready for it and they are excited to have a house finally and we will be comparable to the other sororities on campus dues wise which is cool,” Garner said. 

Plans for the construction, general information and updates are all featured on the website

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Editor’s Note: Madison Wanco is affiliated with Greek Life on campus, although not Delta Gamma. However, this story is written without bias.

Madison Wanco can be reached at or via Twitter @NevadaSagebrush.

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