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Boris Carpio Guerra and Hannah Alquiza were elected as president and vice president for the ninety-first session for the Associated Students of the University of Nevada on March 16.

Carpio Guerra received 499 votes and Alquiza received 858 votes. The two ran together as the Empower Nevada campaign.

Luis Galvez, the other presidential candidate, ran a campaign alone and garnered 411 votes.

Ballot question one: 

Shall the Senate of the Associated Students be granted the authority to add a student media fee that will cover the budget for The Nevada Sagebrush, Insight Magazine, Brushfire Arts and Literature Journal, and Wolf Pack Radio?

Yes: 521 votes

No: 408 votes

This did not pass because ballot questions must get a two-thirds majority.

Ballot question two:

Shall the Associated Students of the University of Nevada decrease the 60 undergraduate credits requirement for appointed justices to 45 undergraduate credits to increase the opportunity for students of the University of Nevada, Reno to be appointed as justices?

Yes: 642 votes

No: 288 votes

This question passed.

Ballot question three:

Shall ASUN raise senator stipends from $3,917.20 to $5,000 per year to standardize pay in the association? (Currently, senators receive monthly payments for about 390 hours of work.)

Yes: 559 votes

No: 366 votes

This question passed.

College of Agriculture Biotechnology and Natural Resources

Rachel Perez-Alvarez

College of Public Health

Alyah Raygoza

Juliana Girardello

College of Journalism

Kelsea Frobes

College of Engineering

James Tracy

Jefrin Jojan

Aween Ali

College of Liberal Arts

Erin Shaffer

Joel Martin

Mackenzie Tracy

Leaf Acklin

College of Social Work

Taylor Limbacher

College of Science

Fayza Salah

Adam Ahmed

Tori Beaulac

Jacquelene Duhamel

College of Business

Mark Meiszburger

Diana Landazuri Nova

Melanie Acevedo Perez

Makayla Mirth

Lizette Ramirez can be reached at or via Twitter  @lizzieRSJ. 

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