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Editor’s Note: The Nevada Sagebrush understands the anonymous nature of these allegations, however due to the high volume and acknowledgment from the candidate we take them seriously as an organization. This story may have mentions that make readers uncomfortable, discretion is advised.

Sexual assault allegations arose on anonymous posting forum Yik Yak about Luis Galvez, Associated Students of the University of Nevada presidential candidate, on the first day of elections

A high volume of “yaks” — the term posters use on the forum — were posted on Wednesday, March 15 regarding allegations against Galvez, however some speculate they arose as early as Monday.

According to posters on the site, Galvez sexually assaulted someone when he was a student at Reno High School. The Nevada Sagebrush has reached out to posters on the site who have made allegations, but have not received immediate comment.

One post said “Luis Galvez meet me behind Raggio tomorrow to fight,” with comments on the post saying “that b—- is a rapist” and “kill that b—-.”

Other posters said “if you let a rapist become president tomorrow I swear;” and “y’all are so f—— stupid ‘it’s just allegations’ bro if a dude has allegations at all he’s probably not a good fit for president.”

Galvez has responded to the allegations via his Instagram story on his @galvez4prez account and a statement sent to The Nevada Sagebrush. Galvez denies the accusations and stated he will not be dropping out of the race due to them.

“The Office of ASUN president is no place for a rapist,” said Galvez in his statement to the Sagebrush. “As a representative of all UNR , students should trust that their president not only gets the job done, but also has a good moral character.”

Galvez included, if students feel doubtful about what he has to say about the allegations, he urges them to vote for Boris Carpio Guerra for the presidential position.

People on the site and those associated with Galvez have questioned the legitimacy of the allegations and their anonymous nature; one of these people include Cameron Rose, former ASUN presidential candidate who lost in the primaries. Rose has since endorsed Galvez in his run for presidency.

Rose lodged complaints via email with officers Brayden Taubel, attorney general, and Zane Taylor, chief justice, via an email thread shown to the Sagebrush stating Yik Yak is hurting the associations integrity. However, Rose has not submitted a formal complaint or charge sheet yet as of recent.

“I do not know if anyone is aware but there is some serious election violations circulation through Yik Yak,” said Rose in his email to the two. “Calling Luis a rapist? … This platform should not be permitted and is destroying the ASUN integrity.”

Rose also stated he will be filing a complaint with the association stating the allegations are being used to sway the elections and they are a violation of the elections code. Rose is calling for the denouncement of the platform and allegations and threatened to “disband the organization.”

In response, both Taylor and Taubel echoed that any posts on Yik Yak is out of their jurisdiction. Taubel and Taylor were reached out to for comment — Taylor denied comment and Taubel did not get back for immediate comment.

“So what I can say is that earlier today it was brought to my attention that some extremely unsavory rumors were being spread on Yik Yak about Luis, and have been since Monday,” said Rose in a statement to The Nevada Sagebrush. “These rumors seem to be a direct attack on Luis in order to sway support for Boris to win the election.”

Allegations that Guerra and Alquiza are using Yik Yak to sway the elections have been denied by both Guerra and Alquiza and both do not have Yik Yak downloaded, according to a statement sent to The Nevada Sagebrush.

“We both do not have Yik Yak at all so these allegations are not true at all. We know how much of a negative place Yik Yak is and have been off of it way before the campaign even started,” said both Guerra and Alquiza. “We do not condone slander of any kind and reframe from the disempowerment of any student on campus. “

Emerson Drewes and Lizette Ramirez can be reached via email at or via Twitter @LizzieRSJ and @EmersonDrewes.

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