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A Binding Resolution to Censure Senator Raygoza was passed at the Sept. 27 Senate meeting of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, Reno due to multiple unexcused absences. 

According to Senate Rule II.F.1, the Committee on Oversight will conduct a hearing if a senator reaches five accumulated points. An unexcused absence accumulates two points and unexcused tardies are one-third of a point. 

According to the senate rules, any senator’s first censure shall include, at minimum, a recommendation that the senator in question release a public statement or apology to The Nevada Sagebrush. Additional punishment, including potential expulsion from the Senate, will be recommended upon a senator accumulating additional points.

Alyah Ragoza, senator for the School of Public Health was marked tardy unexcused on April 26, May 24 and Sept. 6, and marked absent unexcused on Aug. 2, and Aug. 20. According to the resolution, Ragoza accumulated a total of eight and one-third points. 

Fayza Salah, the speaker of the ASUN senate, said they conducted a hearing on Sept. 18 where they allowed Raygoza to present testimony. 

“The committee on oversight found that her absences and tardies were justifiable, but we decided to proceed with censure, due to her accumulation of points being avoidable with better communication,” Salah said. 

Salah reminds the senate table that they should always reach out about absences and tardies to avoid accumulating points.

Raygoza must now complete an additional hour of outreach in the next two outreach periods, and give a report to the senate for the next two senate meetings on her ASUN related activity. 

Executive branch continues with their team matching trend

During the Sept. 27 senate meeting, the executive branch each wore a pair of sunglasses when giving their reports to the senate table. 

“I really like the matching sunglasses looks you guys got all going on. Keep it up,” said Jefrin Jojan, the senator of the College of Engineering. 

Jaedyn Young can be reached at or on Twitter @jaedyn_young3.

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