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The Associated Students of the University of Nevada, Reno met for a senate meeting on Feb. 7 to discuss the appointment of Shaylie Walker for her nomination as the new associate justice for the judicial council. 

Concern was raised by Joel Martin, senator for the College of Liberal Arts, about the lack of concrete goals brought up by Walker, even if she’s only in the position until she graduates this spring. 

“It’s great to have people on that board, so I’m probably going to vote yes,” Martin said. “Clearly we don’t have them knocking at the door, so we can deal with a little turmoil in three months if we have to, but it’s just disappointing to see.” 

Tori Beaulac and Emma Doty, senators for the College of Science, disagreed because they both think Walker is qualified  for the position. Kelsea Frobes, senator for the School of Journalism, said that Walker could help invite students into this. 

Jefrin Jojan, the senator for the College of Engineering, brought up concern for the process behind justice hirings.

“That’s my overall frustration, not with [Walker] in particular but rather the whole process that’s been going on here,” Jojan said. “We need to set some boundaries here and be thinking a little bit long term … the issue is we’re not really setting the judicial council up for long-term success.”

Mya Skowronski, senator for the College of Liberal Arts, argued that with Walker’s unique position as the president of the pre-law club opens up accessibility to promote the position to other students to apply after her three months are over.

Jojan disagreed.

“But it’s not like just because she’s the president that something magical is going to happen,” Jojan replied. “Nothing is stopping the current justice from going to the pre-law club and telling them ‘hey this is a great opportunity.’”

Skowronski disagreed because she believes Walker has the platform to promote this position since she claimed a lot of people are afraid of ASUN. 

Emma Thomsen, senator for the College of Education, said Walker could be a helping hand when it comes to the transition and mentoring for a new replacement after her three month term is up.

Walker was voted and sworn into the position as a new associate justice for the judicial council.

Jaedyn Young can be reached at or on Twitter @jaedyn_young3.

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