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During the March 20 meeting, the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, Reno’s senators met to discuss judicial charges.

Mark Meiszburger, the speaker pro tempore, stepped in for Fayza Salah, the speaker of the senate, as she was not in attendance of the meeting due to a mandatory choir obligation. 

In her letter to the senate, Salah said Edmonson is required to be given notice of five working business days before they discuss, so the resolution proposed to condemn her has been moved to the following senate meeting. She also told the senate that she should’ve been more clear about senate protocols, stating to the senate that Edmonson is relatively new in her position and should consider this in relation to the piece.

The majority of the executive branch was not in attendance of the meeting and a few did not submit reports to the speaker pro tempore.

Brayden Taeubel, chief justice of the ASUN, gave a report to inform the senate of numerous charges:

On March 14, James Greco, the attorney general of ASUN, filed a charge against Ramisha Ibrahim for violating election rules.

On March 18, Cole Sawyer filed a charge against Boris Guerra, the president of ASUN, alleging the violation of his duties listed in the Statutes of the Associated Students. The charge requested that they begin the impeachment process. 

The chief justice reported that the judicial council, following the protocols of the SAS, ordered the senate committee on oversight to conduct an investigation on the president of ASUN and report back to the council by April 1. Taeubel adds that the committee on oversight is supposed to get back to them by 9 a.m. the same day, but Salah told the council that due to Nevada open meeting law limitations they may not be able to meet the deadline, so the judicial council said they will be flexible about these time constraints.

The final charges were filed on March 19 by the attorney general of ASUN against senate candidates Leaf Acklin, Aween Ali, Kaiden Gibson, Lalise Gizaw, Elijah Houghtelling and Emma Stauffenberg. The charges allege that these individuals did not submit their budget forms by the deadline. 

There have been no judgments made by the council for these charges.

Jaedyn Young can be reached at or on Twitter @jaedyn_young3.

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