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The Associated Students of the University of Nevada, Reno’s senate met to discuss an appointment to the College of Business and to discuss the resolution to condemn Patrick Boylan, a board of regent for the Nevada System of Higher Education from his transphobic remarks.

S.R. A Resolution to Condemn the Transphobic Remarks Made by Regent Boylan

Three students gave public comments against the Boylan issues, urging senators to vote ‘yes’ on this resolution condemning Patrick Boylan, the board of regent who previously made transphobic remarks at the March 1 regents meeting.

Brayden Taeubel, chief justice of the judicial council in ASUN, reiterated that he is disappointed in the president and executive board for not releasing a statement condemning these comments.

“It is now 12 days after the remarks were made and yet nothing has been posted on social media,” Taeubel said. “Meanwhile, UNR president Brian Sandoval, the NSHE chancellor, and many others have condemned these remarks … but nothing from our ASUN executive leadership who was not even at the meeting. Accountability is something that the association needs right now, and I’m not afraid of the retaliation that comes from these comments.”

When the piece was discussed, Jojan said it was being fast-tracked because they believed it should be voted on as soon as possible to speak out against Boylan.

The resolution states that ASUN strongly condemns the comments Boylan made and calls for his immediate resignation. ASUN also reaffirms that they welcome transgender individuals and they call for Brian Sandoval, the president of the University, and the faculty senate of the university to also call for Boylan’s resignation.

ASUN also calls for NSHE to take action by condemning Boylan and to remove Boylan from office if he does not resign.

The senate table voted unanimously to pass this resolution. 

New College of Business senator elected

Devin Ruy, an applicant for the vacant seat, gave a presentation to the senate table for the College of Business’ open position. He is studying abroad the following year and is not running for the ninety-second session. He applied for this position so he could sit at the senate table for the last few weeks and learn about how it works for when he runs for the ninety-third session. 

Ruy is a lacrosse player, a previous senate intern and a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Mark Meiszburger, the speaker pro tempore, said he was Ruy’s mentor and strongly encouraged him for this position. However, Diana Landazuri, senator for the College of Business said her vote was a ‘no’ on Ruy. 

The question of whether it was necessary or not to put someone in the position for the last four weeks was continuously brought up. Landazuri said if there is no solid reason to vote for someone into this position, she encourages them to vote ‘no’.

The senators voted in majority for Ruy with 13 ‘yes’ votes, four ‘no’ votes and three abstains. Many senators said Ruy was very open to learn and willing to soak in as much as possible from the senate. 

Jaedyn Young can be reached at or on Twitter @jaedyn_young3.

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