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The Associated Students of the University of Nevada and Brian Sandoval, University of Nevada, Reno president, put out a statement on Wednesday and Tuesday, respectively, addressing recent transphobic remarks made by Patrick Boylan, Nevada System of Higher Education regent.

In the statement, ASUN stated that they stand with all students, and they announced the passing of SR 91: A Resolution to Condemn the Transphobic Remarks made by Regent Boylan.

“We believe that every individual, regardless of gender identity, deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and empowerment,” said ASUN on social media. 

Boylan made transphobic remarks around two weeks ago during a regent quarterly meeting, when the University of Nevada Reno, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, College of Southern Nevada, and Truckee Meadows Community College presented athletic reports. 

Boylan asked a question regarding transgender individuals, referring to them as “men masquerading as women”. A student made a public comment later during the meeting expressing concern over Boylan’s question, where he defended his remarks. 

“If he has not had his ‘you know what’ cut off or anything, he’s still a man,” Boylan said in defense of his comment. 

The Nevada Faculty Alliance issued a statement in the days following saying that they were “deeply angered by repeated anti-transgender comments”. 

Sandoval put out a statement yesterday condemning the comments made by Boylan — although not mentioning him by name — emphasizing that he is “immensely proud” of students, faculty and staff members who identify with the trans community. 

“There is no place for hurtful and abhorrent comments like those that were made,” said Sandoval in an email. “Trans and gender-diverse individuals have every right to feel welcome, safe, and seen on our college campuses.”

In a statement sent to the Nevada Sagebrush, Boylan says he is concerned about his right to free speech and feels his right is being threatened.

“We cannot allow this ‘woke cancel’ culture to take away our freedoms slowly and steadily, especially not freedom of speech,” said Boylan in the statement.

Boylan represents Clark County in southern Nevada and has been a regent since 2021. Despite many asking for him to step down as a regent, Boylan says he will not.

This is a developing story please check back for updates.

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