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Zoe Malen/Nevada Sagebrush
Dawson Deal and Liesel Kemmelmeier embrace after their announced win at the 2024 ASUN elections
Zoe Malen/Nevada Sagebrush
Dawson Deal and Liesel Kemmelmeier embrace after their announced win at the 2024 ASUN elections.

Dawson Deal and Liesel Kemmelmeier won the 2024 presidential and vice presidential elections for the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, Reno’s. Deal won with 1537 votes and 52.95% of the vote, versus Fayza Salah with 1366 votes and 47.05%. Kemmelmeier won with 1487 votes and 51.22% of the vote, versus Isabella Valdivieso‘s 1416 votes and 48.78%.

Deal and Kemmelmeier were tearing up about their win during the post-election interview.

“We knew it was going to be a hard election and presidential candidate Salah just came up to me and congratulated me,” Deal said. “It’s really overwhelming.”

The two talked about how close the race was and that they were proud of both of the campaigns for how much work they each put into it.

“When we were going out, boots on the ground … we didn’t even say, we’re not even trying to campaign, like just vote,” Kemmelmeier said. “At the end of the day, I just want everyone feel like they have a stake in the issues, that they can participate and that they have access to us, I think is the most important thing.”

Both the winners are very excited to get started and the first thing they said they were going to do is go get something to eat, after working non-stop on the campaign promotion today.

Deal added that the higher voter turnout is great to see because it shows how important the ASUN election was to the students. Sandra Rodriguez, the director of the Center of Student Engagement told the reception that compared to last year’s 5% voter turnout, this year there was a total of 2,903 votes and 20% voter turnout.

Dawson Deal and Liesel Kemmelmeier pose for post-election photos holding up WolfPack hand sign.
Zoe Malen/Nevada Sagebrush
Deal and Kemmelmeier celebrate presidential and vice presidential win for ASUN 2024 elections.

Winning results are bolded for the ballot questions and senator elects.

Ballot Question Results

Question 1: Student Media Fee

No: 1,691 votes, 58.29%

Yes: 1,212 votes, 41.71%

Question 2: Democracy Day on campus

Yes: 2,646 votes, 91.15%

No: 257 votes, 8.85%

Senator Results

College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources

Joelle Pickrell: 164 votes, 93.18%

None of the candidates: 12 votes, 6.82%

College of Business

Tucker Goodspeed: 350 votes, 19.62%

Steven Spurlock: 345 votes, 19.34%

Carson Fish: 308 votes, 17.27%

Drew Briston: 305 votes, 17.14%

Max Kiker: 218 votes, 12.22%

Ramisha Ibrahim: 217 votes, 12.17%

None of the candidates: 40 votes, 2.24%

College of Engineering

Aween Ali: 264 votes, 26.42%

Dylan Morgan: 228 votes, 22.82%

Caden Riley: 226 votes, 22.62%

Antony Kuhl: 208 votes, 20.82%

None of the candidates: 73 votes, 7.32%

College of Liberal Arts

Carmina Aglubat: 333 votes, 28.24%

Evan Robinson: 290 votes, 24.59%

Leaf Acklin: 264 votes, 22.39%

Joel Martin: 245 votes, 20.78%

None of the candidates: 47 votes, 4%

College of Science

Emma Doty: 275 votes, 17.75%

Vera Vaz: 272 votes, 17.55%

Camille Levy: 268 votes, 17.3%

Tori Beaulac: 264 votes, 17.04%

Emma Stauffenberg: 248 votes, 16.01%

Jofran Rea: 134 votes, 8.65%

None of the candidates: 88 votes, 5.7%

School of Journalism

Kelsea Frobes: 93 votes, 66.9%

Makayla Mirth: 32 votes, 23.02%

None of the candidates: 14 votes, 10.08%

School of Public Health

Carla Palomares Montoya: 264 votes, 49.9%

Elijah Houghtelling: 211 votes, 39.88%

None of the candidates: 54 votes, 10.22%

School of Social Work

Abigail Castro: 69 votes, 98.57%

None of the candidates: 1 vote, 1.43%

Honors College:

Madison Kitch: 132 votes, 34.02%

None of the candidates: 89 votes, 22.93%

Lalise Gizaw: 84 votes, 21.64%

Ayden Houghtling: 37 votes, 9.53%

Victor Pantaleoni: 28 votes, 7.21%

Kaiden Gibson: 18 votes, 4.67%

School of Medicine and Orvis School of Nursing

No candidates ran for this position.

College of Education

Ethan Lawler: 156 votes, 93.41%

None of the candidates: 11 votes, 6.59%

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