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Looking at it now, you can see the incredible impact that Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ has had on the music industry within the last year. Captivating artists, labels and people around the world, Taylor has reached a level of stardom that most people can’t even imagine. One of the ways this happens is due to her incredible dedication to her craft and love for what she does.

When Taylor released the official ‘Eras Tour’ film in early October, fans around the country rushed to theaters to experience the two hour and fifty minute tour experience on the big screen.

Shot in Los Angeles, the ‘Eras Tour’ movie features an up-close-and-personal perspective on Taylor Swift’s performance by putting the audiences on the stage with her along with professional audio capturing and video quality. 

‘The Eras Tour’ film was an experience to watch and was unlike anything you could imagine watching in a movie theater. Fans of the singer didn’t hold back and allowed themselves to sing along with Taylor to every word, and along with this, many took themselves to the front of the big screen to dance and experience the concert as if they were there. 

Watching the film in this captivating way wasn’t frustrating or annoying; instead, it showed and brought together a group of people who share a love for the same  art into one room to experience it with each other. An experience like this rarely happens and the ability to have it, live it and also remember it is something that is worth cherishing. 

The film itself offers a very up close and personal experience with the singer. It’s fun and captivating while also offering edits that, while at times can seem very extra or overwhelming, can also benefit the film’s structure. Taylor isn’t new to concert films but having the ability to go to the theater and watch the concert on the big screen only two months after it was recorded was a special experience.

Looking at how it compares to the concert in real life, the emotions aren’t quite the same. Both offer their own event and captivations. In person, the experience of seeing Taylor perform in front of you with your eyes is completely different than being a couple feet away from her on a massive screen. While watching the film offers an experience that allows you to get more up close and personal, there’s also the element missing of being able to be in person with a crowd of tens of thousands. 

‘The Era Tour’ film isn’t a complete alternative to the experience of being in person watching the concert, but it does offer its own special moments. With crystal clear audio, high resolution pictures and the ability to get closer to the artist than most people couple in person, this film offers a concert experience brought to the screen to those who want to experience the concert while also having some sense of community, love and bond. 

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version) is Available Now on Disney+

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