By Nathan Brantley


The election of a senator from the College of Engineering was postponed during the Associated Student of the University of Nevada senate meeting last Wednesday, Sept. 17.
A charge was placed with the ASUN Judicial Council by Jakob Christiansen, a nominee for the College of Engineering Senate position, on Friday, Sept. 12.
According Speaker of the Senate Caden Fabbi, Christiansen’s transcript was not up to date by Sept. 3 and thus was ineligible for the seat nomination on Sept. 10.
ASUN Judicial Council reviewed whether the qualifications for office were prerequisites for nomination, or merely a required characteristic of an acting senator.
In a unanimous decision by the Judicial Council on Sept. 18, 2014 the Council ruled in favor of Christiansen making him the fifth nominee for the College of Engineering senate seat.
Former senator of interdisciplinary programs Ron Petrillo’s resignation letter was read during the meeting. According to his letter, Petrillo can no longer hold the position due to more pressing obligations.
College of Science senator Jeffrey Dominguez has accumulated enough censure points for the Committee on Oversight to consider censuring him.
Censure points are accumulated if a senator fails to fulfill certain duties of their office. If a senator accumulates five or more points they become eligible for censure.
In a letter to the Nevada Sagebrush, Speaker Fabbi stated the Committee on Oversight recommended favorably upon a censure of Sen. Dominguez.
The censure will be addressed during next week’s


Dr. Cindy Marczynski, director of Counseling Services, raised a proposal to raise the mandatory fee for counseling services from $35 to $50 per semester.
The reserves for the program are low and Dr. Marcyznski believes they won’t be able to supply students with the services they have provided in previous years.
“We held back this proposal for the past few years knowing it wouldn’t be popular, or favorable since students have so many fees already,” Marczynski said. “However, these services are constantly growing in popularity and are going to be located in the new student achievement center that will require more professionals to occupy the space and properly cater to the student body.”
John M. Grohol, CEO of national mental health website PsychCentral stated in his website that despite a greater concern for psychological issues among students across the nation it can still take three to four months on average to see a counselor. University of Nevada, Reno students can schedule same day appointments with Counseling Service.
Since 2007, the demand for counseling has increased. Currently, there is one counselor to 2,200 students, higher than the International Association of Counseling Services ratio of 1:1,500.
The ASUN Senate will review the proposal later in the fall.


What is your favorite flavor?
Chocolate (3) Cheesecake (5) Cake Batter (5)
University of Nevada, Reno Seismology Lab will be hosting a emergency preparedness event called The Great ShakeOut on Oct. 16 at 10:16 am. The Great ShakeOut is an awareness campaign for earthquake dangers and advises students on how to properly react to an emergency situation.
The university earthquake alarms will sound throughout campus and students are encouraged to drop, cover, hold and remain crouched as if an earthquake was actually occurring at that moment.
This event is being sponsored and run by the Emergency Management division of the Nevada Seismology Lab.
Kevin Schaller, emergency management coordinator for UNR believes, that although a major earthquake hasn’t recently hit Nevada, it is a possibility.
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