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ASUN Is hiring! Click to apply on Workday! One opening for the college of cabnr, one opening for the college of science, one opening for the school of public health, one opening for college of liberal arts

This story was originally posted on March 10, 2022. Visit the Nevada Sagebrush Archive to see all past stories.

Dionne Stanfill and Bayla Fitzpatrick were elected as president and vice president, respectively, for the ninetieth session of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada on March 10 at their election reception.

Stanfill was elected as president after garnering 1300 votes. Fitzpatrick was elected as vice president after amassing 1330 votes.

The two were running under the campaign name “Stronger with Nevada” and received endorsements from Coffin and Keys and the Independent International Fraternity Council prior to the announcement of results.

Stanfill and Fitzpatrick were running against Leslie Ramirez and Autumn Kidd. The Ramirez-Kidd campaign lost by nearly 300 votes each.

The singular ballot question, which proposed if the credit requirement for appointed justices should be reduced from 60 to 30 credits, was not passed. The results amassed 1502 students voted “yes” and 861 voted “no.”

It failed to pass due to not garnering two-thirds votes.

All senators were running unopposed and are as follows:

For the College of Liberal Arts Olivia Ngo, Brayden Taubel and Nathan Noble were elected.

School of Public Health senators will be Emma Bergren and Liam Brown

The College of Engineering will include Antony Kuhl, Jefrin Jojan and Andrew Thompson.

The senator for the College of Education will be Robert Resnik.

Esmeralda Perez Ramirez will be the senator for the Division of Health Sciences.

Zachariah Dean will be the senator for the College of Business.

Fayzah Salah and Nivetha Nithyanandan will be the senators for the College of Science.

ASUN will be holding a special election during the Fall 2022 semester due to not reaching two-thirds of senate seat fulfillment body requirements.

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