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Rachel Jackson / Nevada Sagebrush
Trinity Sandridge has one shot against UTEP, making her have a total of six shots this season.

Nevada and University of Texas at El Paso had an even match-up on Sept. 11 in Texas leading to a 0-0 final score.

Nevada had a total of eight shots and UTEP had 11. Gabby Brown, forward, had two of her three shots on goal. Luz Arreaga had two shots. Defender Zona Kinnaman and forwards Trinity Sandridge and Madison Taylor each had one shot. 

The substitutes for each team had a strong pull in the game. Half of the shots by Nevada were done by the substitutes. Three shots by UTEP were by substitutes. 

Kendal Stovall, Nevada goalkeeper, had three saves on goal while Mariah Scott, UTEP goalkeeper, had two saves on goal. 

Women’s soccer will face the University of the Pacific on Sept. 15 at home at 6:30 p.m. Pacific is having a strong start so far in their season standing 3-0-5. 

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