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The Associated Students of the University of Nevada elections season has arrived. Campaigning started on Feb. 8 and voting starts on March 15 at 8 a.m. to March 16 at 5 p.m.

Take a look at the candidates down below:

Editor’s Note: Quotes have been shortened/edited for clarity purposes. The meaning or context of the quotes have not been changed. Any candidates not mentioned in the article did not get back for comment.

Presidential Candidates

Luis Galvez

“My name is Luis Galvez and I want to be your ASUN President!

I am a Junior at the university majoring Secondary Education, History, and Theatre. I am a first-generation Filipino student, and I am proud to say that I am one of America’s newest citizens!

If elected, my presidency will be focused on productive change that all students will be able to see. As you may have noticed on my ASUN candidate page, my platform does not include the typical ‘pillars’ that you may be used to seeing. Instead, I have listed several goals that I will focus my office on accomplishing. 

To create more student discounts across the Reno-Sparks area

The Pack-Friendly Business program, currently standing at 30 businesses, is an ASUN program that both supports local businesses and saves money for students. In a great effort to both engage the city with the student body and vice versa, I want to expand this program to 150 businesses … 

To program events at the UNR Lake Tahoe Campus

… Within ASUN, I am currently working on creating the Department of Lake Tahoe Affairs, that way ASUN will be more accessible to respond to the needs of Lake Tahoe students while also creating opportunities for main campus students to visit the LT campus through event programming  …

Showcase, sponsor, and advocate for the arts

… I realize, however, that many artists often lack both resources and exposure. I am committed to advocating for the arts on the administrative level and supporting Insight, Wolf Pack Radio, Brushfire, and arts-centered clubs and organizations across campus. I would also love to engage with the Reno Arts community and hopefully create connections with organizations such as the Nevada Museum of Art, the Sierra Arts Foundation, the Holland Project, and Artown. One of my ideas would be to have a ‘Pack in the Park’ night where students could perform at Wingfield Park for an evening. …

To award interdisciplinary research

As an R1 Research University, your time at UNR can be golden for research opportunities. With my little knowledge of the research world, I would love to see collaborations between the academic colleges on campus. For a few examples: How is Dance influenced by Physics? How does Marketing affect History? How does Psychology relate to Acting? I hope to work closely with Undergraduate Research in creating awards for answering questions such as these.

To establish a presidency that adapts to, listens to, and serves every student. 

This presidency will actively listen to the student body and respond to their needs. I want to emphasize the power of ASUN’s Senate and its capacity to hear what students are interested in and capacity to respond to what students need to succeed. In the same way, the president of ASUN has more influence than any other student over what the University of Nevada, Reno looks like and how it operates. I hope to establish an open line, both during my campaign and my presidency, in which all students feel no hesitation to reach out with questions, concerns, comments, and aspirations.

Ask me anything!


Cameron Rose

“My name is Cameron Rose, I was born and raised in the Reno area and I am in my 3rd year with the University of Nevada Reno. I am working on a Philosophy Degree in Ethics, Law, and Politics with minors in English, Public and Professional writing, and Debate. After undergraduate school I am planning on attending law school, so that I can formalize a self education in the law that I have been working on for over a decade. Where my primary field of focus will be in Constitutional law and Civil Rights law. 

I am running for ASUN President because I want to ensure that students are able to grow to be what they want to be. During my time with the University I have heard numerous student experiences, and I also have personally experienced, where students are limited in being allowed to pursue courses which students have specific interest in, that students want to pursue as individuals. Further, I have also heard of student experiences where a student’s graduation date is stalled because a student was unable to attend a required course for their degree, due to limitations put on the course. 

I believe that as a leading Tier 1 University we need to be progressive. Meaning, we come up with the standards which other schools use as a model to learn from. For example, I believe that students should have easier access to student representatives, in addition to the Universities advisors and administration … As under these circumstances, students only recourse for representation is then their student elected representatives. 

… I am promoting that a link through Canvas would be able to provide students with easier access in making the University experience more inclusive. Where complaints are not only directed to faculty, but student representatives as well, so that the process is given a full representation for the students. Because, as students we do still have a right to redress grievances and a duty to want to improve our environment where we can, which follows from this right. 

… As ASUN President, creating an environment that is as communicative as possible would be my fundamental principle. As I want students to feel included and proud to say that they are part of and came from the Pack, due to our leading progressive ways. And as a representative of the students I believe that I am only the voice of students. Where I hope to give rise to their voices and that through my passion I will be able to better serve students by ensuring that actions are taken to better their experiences.

… Having been homeless prior to my enrollment, after becoming a student I quickly noticed how much food is wasted by the University and have wondered, why don’t we use that food to feed the homeless since it is going to waste? I feel that this is an idea that would better serve the community and promote the actionable model I speak of, where we lead by example, ideas which other schools find desirable to follow and create traditions. 

Finally, I think it is important that the ASUN President encompasses the values and vision which this University seeks to foster. As this serves to better promote the University which provides for more funding and opportunities for students. These include but not limited to: Integrity, Inclusiveness, to be a nexus for research and creativity that focuses on vital issues of our time and serving as a catalyst for the betterment of our society. 

I believe that I demonstrate these qualities through my experiences and knowledge. Where I am honored to have the opportunity to be in a position to have such an enormous responsibility … I hope to ensure that I can give back, by helping fellow and future students have this same sort of commitment to them.”

Boris Carpio Guerra

“My name is Boris Carpio Guerra and I’m a first generation latino student. I’m currently studying HDFS [human development and family sciences], Psychology, Sociology, and GRI [gender, race and identity]. I’m heavily involved in many organizations on campus which has increased my love towards this university. I have been coming to this campus since I was 12 years old which has allowed me to gain important and unique knowledge in ways to support the student body through ASUN. I’m running with Vice-Presidential Candidate Hannah Alquiza and excited to launch the EMPOWER Nevada platform. This platform focuses on empowering students by advocating for student passion, allowing them to find their own purpose in the university. By motivating students to become their own leaders by using their voices to drive change, and not rely solely on the association to support them. Increasing connections to overcome adversities and cultivate the Wolf Pack culture where students are supported by one another, by faculty, administration, and the community.”

Vice President 

Hannah Dayna Alquiza

“Hi Wolf Pack! I am Hannah Alquiza, a first-generation student, a Filipina, and an excited Vice Presidential Candidate. I have lived in Reno, Nevada, for the majority of my life after I immigrated from the Philippines. I am currently majoring in psychology and minoring in business and human development family studies. With Presidential Candidate Boris Carpio Guerra, I am excited to illuminate our campaign to EMPOWER Nevada, or an initiative rather. Within our initiative, we have three values, passion drives purpose, people drive change, and connection drives growth! Our values truly showcase what we will bring to this association by focusing on all passions to help students find their purpose at the University and in the future. We hope to EMPOWER our student leaders to be the change we need in the world. Finally, connection with one another is something that is overlooked; getting to know different people’s walks of life not only helps us grow as individuals but helps us all grow as a society. As a Filipina woman, I hope our campaign will impact those who feel unseen and underrepresented. The EMPOWER Nevada campaign is for all students under the Guerra Alquiza Campaign.”


Kelsea Frobes

“Hi everyone! My name is Kelsea Frobes and I am a first-year student here at the University of Nevada, Reno. I am from Dayton, Nevada and I am a journalism major with hopes of also majoring in either history or political science starting this fall. I am running for the senate seat for the Reynolds School of Journalism because I have always loved advocating for my peers and fighting for what’s right. Combining my love for advocacy with my love for journalism makes this an amazing opportunity. 

In high school, I was a member of the student council, was a student representative on the school board, and actively participated in local government. In my first semester here at UNR, I was a legislative intern for the 90th session and even worked on legislation concerning student safety throughout parking garages on campus. I hope to revise this legislation, bring it to the senate table, and continue to work on legislation that will benefit the wellbeing of all students, including but not limited to, students of the Reynolds School, on and off campus. I am not a single policy candidate and I am dedicated to advocating for equity, safety on campus, LGBTQ+ student support, accessibility, undocumented student support, and sexual assault prevention. I am a strong believer in positive change and hope to use my senate seat to accurately represent and advocate for my constituents. I hope to be a representative that my constituents feel comfortable enough to voice their concerns to and have trust that I will work to make the change they’re seeking.”

Community Health Science

Alyah Raygoza

“My name is Alyah Raygoza and I am a Public Health and Spanish double major, hoping to go to PA School after. I am also a Hispanic first generation student, which has led me to face a lot of adversity in life, so I know it can be difficult at times to find your way in the university. But I’ve found resources and learned to put myself out there to try and get help, which is  what I hope to help others find. I’m running for an ASUN Senator because I truly love helping people and truly want to help make change.  I’ve seen so much be done by people in this position and I want to do the same. I hope that if I’m appointed I can be a voice for the students of the School of Public Health to get them the resources they need to be successful and truly find a home and a sense of belonging at UNR.”

Juliana Girardello

“As a Senator, my main concern will always be the students. Something that is not nearly talked about enough is that can stall students’ graduation times immensely if they are put on waitlists for their required classes. It is unjust to tell students that it’s okay if they graduate late just because they couldn’t get into a certain class that had a greater number of students than seats. I strive to change this by opening up more classes and making sure that every student has the opportunity to stay on track, regardless of their grade level. I am beyond excited to start this journey and want everyone to know that as Senator, I do not want authority, I want change.”           

College of Liberal Arts

Leaf Acklin

“I decided to run for Senator for the College of Liberal Arts because I want to make sure students are getting what they really need out during their college experience. I want to make sure that tuition is funding proper facilities to keep students motivated to learn, including counseling and tutoring services, as well as pricey textbooks that are required for a lot of classes. I hope to petition to make parking fees more affordable for commuter students, and make sure scholarship opportunities are taken advantage of for students who don’t know where to start.”

Joel Martin

“I am dedicated to making the University and its community a better place through your voice. By incorporating greater outreach among the student body, building an increased transparency within ASUN, and expanding support of crucial on-campus resources, I see great potential in the coming year for major improvements within ASUN and the University.” 

Cole Sawyer Melchert

“I am running for ASUN Senate for the College of Liberal Arts in efforts to bring positive changes to the policy-making within ASUN on behalf of the Liberal Arts College. I want to call attention to the mental health crisis on campus, utilizing the ASUN legislative power to expand resources and increase accessibility to students. Further I want to push for increased funding for underfunded Liberal Arts programs.”

Quay Skankey 

Editor’s Note: Skankey is currently a volunteer at The Nevada Sagebrush. All articles with mention of Skankey are written objectively and without bias.

 ”Hello! My name is Quay Skankey (They/Them), and I am a Philosophy Major, running to be your ASUN Senator, representing the College of Liberal Arts.

I didn’t intend to run for ASUN when I first came to UNR, but when I joined the senate internship, I was inspired by seeing the senators use their positions to truly better this university. I saw how they built connections and how they thoroughly dissected legislation, and promoted diversity. I immediately wanted to do the same and help people on this campus have the best experience we could possibly provide. 

I see the College of Liberal Arts as one of the most diverse colleges on campus, and I believe their senators should reflect that. As a transgender person, I fully intend to represent my peers and their interests, by working hand in hand with Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA); Gender, Race, and Identity Club; and other LGBTQIA+ organizations to bring their interests to the entire Student Body. This will include one of my goals, to push for more gender-neutral bathrooms across campus, so that no gender nonconforming individual will have to stress about it anymore. 

Another initiative I am very proud of is my push to fund famously underfunded departments on campus, starting with Residential Life, Housing, and Food Services, so that they help students in need.

I believe that by working together, and putting aside our disagreements, we can build the best university possible, where no one is limited on what they can achieve. I am fired up and I am ready to work for everyone on this campus!”

Mackenzie Park

“Having prior student government experience, I bring practical and quality experience with me as I campaign for Liberal Arts Senator. As Senator, I want to create more transfer student engagement, more career resources, and expanded student public transportation. I hope to work with my academic and student government peers to achieve not only my goals, but everyone else’s as well.”

Erin Shaffer

“Hi! My name is Erin Shaffer (she/her) and I am a Sophomore majoring in Political Science with a minor in Asian Studies. I have experience on the UNR campus in the Women’s Lacrosse Club, Residential Housing (RHA), Nevada Fit, ASUN Government Affairs, and through the ASUN Programming Internship. The College of Liberal Arts (CLA) strives to help teach students how to work and live in a diverse world. My priorities lie within Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility, or better known as I.D.E.A. and align with the CLA mission statement.

Through inclusion, I will hear student voices that feel unseen, unheard, and underrepresented in their major or department and work towards creating spaces and opportunities for students to feel safe and accepted on campus. I will recognize diverse students, majors, and identities to CLA through programs, events, and opportunities to further educate students and faculty through I.D.E.A. trainings while bringing light to resources such as the Multicultural Center through Equity, I will bring a sense of transparency to ASUN and CLA by being impartial and putting students’ needs first. I will help build and create an Accessible environment on the UNR campus through listening to student voices about obstacles they may be facing and helping provide and execute solutions to create a more enjoyable college experience. I will also find ways to create more accessible pathways to services such as Counseling Services, Nevada Cares, the Disability Resource Center (DRC), and more that open up opportunities for students.

I am passionate and determined to make real change at UNR, and being elected Senator for the College of Liberal Arts would allow me the opportunity to make a difference at a large scale. Follow me along on my platform on Instagram at Erin.Shafferr for more information!!”

College of Science

Adam Ahmed

Adam Ahmed is a third-year student majoring in Psychology with a minor in Chemistry. He currently is involved in behavioral analysis research and Greek life. He plans to prioritize increasing the College of Science undergraduate research opportunities and resources. Finally, he wants to promote campus safety and environmental sustainability.

Fayza Salah

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to run again and continue working as a Senator! If re-elected I hope to continue to elevate and promote students’ voices.”

Tori Beaulac 

“Hello everyone! My name is Tori Beaulac. I am a second-year  neuroscience major, and I was born and raised in Reno. After my undergraduate, I hope to get into medical school to start my long journey of becoming a doctor. Growing up around the University has allowed me to grow a fondness for it, but I recognized that things need to change in order to ensure that every student at UNR has the chance to succeed. Thankfully, the University has many outlets to help students with whatever they are going through but it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to reach out and find the resources they need to help them. 

Many freshmen and transfer students’ first point of contact at UNR are their Professors, and although I must concede that most of the professors I have encountered have been nothing but professional and lovely to be around, some of the faculty at this University are actively making students hate their college careers. Some Professors lack the empathy to understand students in troubling situations, even if they are genuinely trying their hardest to be there for their students. One way that we can help both students and professors is by implementing workshops that they are required to take, such as the exceedingly important Diversity and Inclusion workshop that the University already offers. 

Senators need to be able to show kindness to every student that they are representing. They need to have the open-mindedness and maturity to help find solutions to issues all around campus, especially when dealing with our minority and often underrepresented populations. I am exceedingly willing to hear every person out and learn about how I can help to make their college experience more gratifying and, especially, safer. I hope that I can make a difference in the lives of the students at UNR if I am elected to the Senate, and I thank the University for giving me this opportunity.”

College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources 

Rachel Perez-Alvarez

“Rachel Perez-Alvarez, born in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a current Junior majoring in Pre-Veterinary Science.  Rachel has worked at a leading animal hospital in a Boarding and Daycare Attendant capacity. Throughout their years at UNR, Rachel has been the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resource Living Learning Community Resident Assistant. They have also worked as a Nevada Fit mentor for CABNR. In these roles, They have learned to advocate for CABNR students and help connect them to the resources that CABNR offers. As a senator, they hope to promote academic success, especially for underrepresented and marginalized groups such as women in STEM, First Gen, and Latinx students, by most notably connecting them with more financial aid opportunities. Furthermore, Rachel will connect with students in the CABNR college, with the intent of meeting and advocating for their concerns and needs. During their time as a senator, they hope to connect CABNR students with well-known faculty to facilitate a stronger learning environment, create networking opportunities, and foster a close community to achieve academic success and personal development.”

College of Engineering

Aween Ali

“I am a first-year student, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering with a minor in Math and a minor in Cybersecurity. I was raised in Canada and was a senate intern last semester. I’m currently the vice president of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and secretary of the UNR Taekwondo Club. During my free time, I love to longboard, cook and of course, watch anime.  

Being a former legislative intern, I gained lots of experience and skills to help represent and advocate for the students on campus. I’m determined to learn and understand the opinions, concerns, and voices of students within the College of Engineering. I believe that my empathy, quick problem solving and willingness to help makes me a suitable candidate to represent the College of Engineering. If elected, I would like to advocate for underrepresented and misrepresented students on campus while also accommodating their needs. I would like to work towards improving the mental health resources on campus while making sure the resources are accessible to all. I also plan to be a representative that can properly voice the concerns of the students within the College of Engineering. With my experience from the legislative internship and my passion to advocate, I am devoted to representing the students in my College as well as the campus.”

Adam Muhammad

“Adam will be at the forefront of making informed decisions for his constituents. He has a   background of understanding student needs and government. Adam is running to create more unity and diversity within the college of engineering. He is passionate about issues of diversity and unity, fighting for students, and improving UNR methodically.”

School of Social Work

Taylor Limbacher

“I am committed to the field of social work and to the UNR community. I hope to act as a liaison for Social Work students to enact positive change around our campus in order to bring a healthier lifestyle to UNR students and create a more inclusive and accessible campus community.”

College of Business

Melanie Acevedo Perez

“Melanie Acevedo Perez is a first-generation student in her third year pursuing a degree in Accounting. Her goals are to promote financial transparency to students, ensure student safety on and off campus, and emphasize the importance of expanding ASUN legal services to students for immigration and citizenship status business.” 

Mark Meiszburger 

“I plan on serving the College of Business as well as any and all underrepresented groups within the University of Nevada, Reno by acting as a direct liaison between faculty and administrative staff. I want to be the voice for the students to vocalize issues to the highest levels of university staff and work toward realistic solutions in a timely manner while systematically increasing engagement among our student body to work on creating a better university environment”. 

Makayla Mirth

Makayla Mirth is committed to safety on Campus. Being located in close proximity to downtown Reno. We need to ensure we are actively instilling safety on campus. From adding more light fixtures. To expand the hours of pack rides. Mirth knows little things make the biggest difference when providing safety.”

Diana Landazuri Nova

“Diana Landazuri is a LatinX, first generation student from Las Vegas, Nevada and will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in both Finance and Economics. Throughout Diana’s undergraduate career, she has most notably been the resident assistant at Great Basin Hall for the LatinX, Black Scholars, and Gender, Sexuality and Identity floor, president of UNR’s international club, a Bizfit mentor to freshmen students, and club officer for the Economics club. Because of these work experiences, Diana has learned how to advocate for the interests and needs of students. Through their term as senator, Diana hopes to promote academic excellence, professional development, and community engagement. Diana plans to achieve this through active and consistent communication with the student body and effective collaboration with ASUN. She sincerely hopes to enhance the overall college of business student experience. Diana’s campaign agenda includes advocating for an increase in faculty in the COB, creating substantial financial aid initiatives, and ensuring free tutoring services are offered for all the majors COB offers.“

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