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Editor’s Note: The Nevada Sagebrush is not a global news source and simply reports on campus happenings. For more information about the conflict in Israel and Gaza, please refer to other, more global media organizations.

Censure to resignation

Alyah Raygoza, a senator for the School of Public Health, resigned from the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, Reno according to Fayza Salah, the speaker of the senate’s report. 

Raygoza had multiple unexcused absences and tardies, resulting in a second censure. However, before Raygoza was censured, she submitted her resignation to the speaker.

ASUN judicial council resignation

Rachel Stamps, the senior associate justice of the ASUN judicial council resigned and will be replaced by Amelia Glowniak, associate justice. 

Budget deficit and hiring freeze 

Dawson Deal, director of Government Affairs for the ASUN, gave his report focusing on the budget cuts to come in fiscal year 2025 for the university. He said the expected balanced plan will be one-third to involve budget cuts, one-third to involve fee increases for students and one-third to be absorbed by the university, but this could change.

“Whenever you talk about compromise, you always talk about how no one will be perfectly happy and that’s exactly these circumstances. Everyone will take a hit, but everyone will benefit as well,” Deal said.

Public comment

Aween Ali, senator of the College of Engineering, told the table that the Muslim Student Association had a productive meeting about student protection with Brian Sandoval, the president of the university. 

However, she added that she is disappointed by the “lack of representation” from students in ASUN. She said they don’t see even a simple statement from ASUN to tell students they are there for them on campus as a result of the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Evan Robinson, the advocacy director of Government Affairs, told the table that he wanted to echo what Ali said because he believes it’s important to take “a proactive stance” and that ASUN should release a statement to express support for all the students at the university and offer resources for students to go to.

The ASUN did release a statement on Nov. 17, along with a statement released by President Sandoval on Nov. 20. 

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