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Brian Sandoval, president of the University of Nevada, Reno announced Tuesday that Dr. Gi W. Yun will be the new dean of the Reynolds School of Journalism starting January. 

“He brings to the position a passion for all things media and an innovative vision for the future of the school,” said Sandoval on social media. 

Yun has been the associate dean for the Reynolds School since 2021, and is also a professor for the school. He was director for the Center for Advanced Media Studies from 2016 to 2021. 

Prior to joining the University, Yun was faculty at Bowling Green State University for 13 years. Yun’s projects involve topics such as healthcare advertising in local media, machine bias in information production and consumption, and local media agenda-setting on immigration stories. 

Al Stavitsky previously held the dean position for the Reynolds School, and has been the dean since 2012. He announced in February this year that he would be stepping down. Stavitsky says he will remain a faculty member at the university. 

“My time as Reynolds School dean has been the most rewarding experience in my 30-plus years in higher education,” says Stavitsky. “I’m now eager to get back to teaching and to my research in the next chapter of my career.”

The university selected four potential candidates for the position in Fall 2023, and a board voted on who would be the new dean. 

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