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A drawing of a box that says "voter guide" with the Nevada Sagebrush initials on a paper above it with little red wings around it and blue stars.
Brooke Germain/Nevada Sagebrush
Voter guide illustration by Brooke Germain.

As a college student, you already have plenty of worries to consider during your time at the University of Nevada, Reno. 

If you’re a student who works or goes to school full-time, then you understand there’s already a lot of balancing time. Why should you think about voting on top of it?

As a student, your first priority is getting through the day and passing your classes so you can get a good career and live your life. But something to acknowledge before you cast aside the concept of elections: politics can be helpful for your studies and even fun to learn about — shocking right?

However, it can be a ton of overwhelming information to handle all at once. 

The Nevada Sagebrush is not here to give you the same ol’ spiel on “Every vote matters” and “Every political decision can affect you”—even though both are very true. 

The Sagebrush is here to help guide you through the voting process and help students understand the key parts of the election in Nevada.

Our organization can give you insight on where to vote, when to vote, why you should vote and give you access to direct places to find more information on the candidates throughout the use of this guide.

Not every student at the university is a voter in Nevada, however, 74% of undergraduate students at UNR were in-state Nevada residents in the spring of 2022, according to the geographic data from UNR Communications Officer, Jessica Lozada. In any case, as a citizen of the country, you can make a change in a lot of the decisions that play out, either on a local, state or national level.

If you aren’t a voter in Nevada — don’t worry! This guide can still help you through understanding when, where and how you can vote, why you should vote, etc. 

Politics can be stressful and highly controversial, especially with the media throwing election ads or voting information in your face. However, don’t let this tension block your right to cast your vote—you get a say in this just as much as the next college student.

Here are how the parts of the Sagebrush political guide will be organized:

Oct. 17 — Part 1: When do I vote and how does the process of an election work? 

Oct. 19 — Bonus Part: Nevada Secretary of State Candidates talk about why student should vote

Oct. 24 — Part 2: Where can I vote and how do I vote?

Nov. 1 — Part 3: A look at the candidates in Nevada; Where can I find more information?

Nov. 4 — Part 4: Why should I vote? Insight from professors and administrators

Nov. 8+ — Part 5: General Election 2022 Results — to be updated as votes calculated

Mark these dates in your calendar to receive information about the upcoming election.

The Sagebrush will be available for contact if readers have any questions about the general election or student voting resources. 

Jaedyn Young can be reached at or on Twitter @jaedyn_young3.

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