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Amidst the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada and the bustling streets of the Biggest Little City, Reno’s music scene thrives, largely unsung but deeply vibrant. Far removed from the glitzy casinos and the historic charm of the University of Nevada, Reno’s campuses, there exists a dynamic and eclectic musical community. This hidden gem of the West boasts an array of talents that span across genres, from indie rock to experimental pop, offering a rich tapestry of sounds that reflect the city’s diverse and spirited culture.  

This guide aims to pull back the curtain on Reno’s thriving music scene, spotlighting the bands and artists that make the city a must-listen destination for music lovers. Whether you’re drawn to the emotional depth of indie rock, the innovative beats of electronic music, or the soul-stirring rhythms of folk, Reno’s music scene has something to offer for every palate. Join us as we explore the best bands this city has to offer, each contributing to the rich, sonic landscape that makes Reno uniquely captivating.

Bug Bath

Photo Courtesy of Bug Bath/John L’etoile

Bug Bath emerges as the quintessential pick for fans of robust indie rock, blending a touch of emo with their classical indie roots and an experimental edge. The band’s lineup features Nick Meza holding down the fort on drums, Watson Meyer laying the foundation on bass, and Brigdon Markward leading with guitar and vocals. For those new to Bug Bath, the tracks “Last Time I Dreamt of You” and “I Was Wrong (But When’s That Stopped Me Before)” from their EP “World of Fools” come highly recommended. 

Their sound, which oscillates between emotional depth and indie experimentation, may resonate well with fans of Jimmy Eat World or Francis of Delirium, suggesting a broad appeal for listeners who appreciate a mix of introspection and innovation in their music.

Heaven 07

Photo Courtesy of Heaven 07/Aden Oster

Heaven 07 stands out with their transcendent electronic melodies, securing a distinctive spot in the musical landscape. Their approach to band structure is equally innovative, as they eschew traditional roles in favor of identifying as distinct musical sections, adding a layer of originality to their sound. This playful and unconventional setup shines through in their debut single “Beach Party Tonight” and follows up with their sophomore single “Johnny Baseball,” both epitomizing the unique Heaven 07 vibe. Beyond their music, the band’s marketing strategy, including their visually captivating music videos and their engaging Instagram presence, contributes to their standout identity. The group is composed of vocalist Tucker Scozzafava, lead synthesizer player Ruben Aguirre, lead rhythm specialist Noah Linker, and lead videographer Ashton Westenburg.

Fans of The Garden, Surf Cuse, or Her’s are likely to find Heaven 07’s sound appealing, thanks to its unique blend of influences and inventive presentation.


Zoe Malen / Nevada Sagebrush
BenderWorld plays at the Joe Fest in the JCSU.

Benderworld merges indie rock with an ethereal ambiance, creating a sound that’s both unique and captivating. The band is anchored by bassist Ben Luery, with Davis Dunkley and Ryan Kowlaczuck sharing guitar duties. Lauren Juillerat leads with her enchanting vocals and songwriting, while Jack Barrington rounds out the group as both drummer and producer. Benderworld has released two singles that showcase their dynamic range: “Dreams” and the standout track “Red Lipstick,” which is noted for its powerful instrumentation and Lauren’s mesmerizing vocal performance. 

Their music, characterized by its intensity and atmospheric qualities, is likely to appeal to fans of Paramore or The Knee-Hi’s, offering a fresh take on the indie rock genre with a touch of the ethereal.


Photo Courtesy of AFTRPRTY

AFTRPRTY, an alternative duo, introduces a fresh sound with their singles “better if u were here” and “Nine Lives“. The band, composed of Gabriel Alec and Clay Posey, weaves a melodic pop mix that distinguishes itself within Reno’s musical landscape. With anticipation building around their future work, AFTRPRTY is a name to watch for those eager to discover new and innovative sounds in the alternative scene. Fans and new listeners alike are keenly awaiting what the duo will unveil next.

Their distinctive approach to music blends well with the tastes of listeners who lean towards the styles of Comfort Club and Malcolm Todd, indicating a shared affinity for nuanced pop sounds.

Charity Kiss

Photo Courtesy of Charity Kiss

Charity Kiss is a compelling force in the lofi indie scene, with Pat Hansen leading on vocals and guitar, Cole Hendricks weaving melodies on lead guitar and vocals, Cooper Conway holding down the bass and providing the “yelling” that adds a unique texture to their sound, and Nate Drum rounding out the rhythm on drums. Their standout tracks, “Virginia is for Lovers” and “Ur Birthday,” exemplify the band’s ability to create music that’s both introspective and relatable, resonating deeply with fans of the genre.

Drawing comparisons to bands like Dogpark and Current Joys, Charity Kiss crafts songs that capture the essence of lofi indie music with a raw, emotional edge. Their sound is a blend of melancholic melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and a laid-back, almost nostalgic vibe that invites listeners into a deeply personal space. For those who appreciate the introspective nature of lofi indie music, Charity Kiss offers a refreshing take that’s both authentic and engaging.

Worm Shot 

Photo Courtesy of Worm Shot/Trevor Castillo

Worm Shot, an all-girl band emerging from Reno, electrifies the rock and punk scene with their single “Dream Girl.” The ensemble, featuring Baylor Luckey on vocals and guitar, Gina Hoàng on drums, Liv Rogers also on vocals and guitar, and Cierra Randall on bass. Their music strikes a chord with a vibrant blend of ’90s rock vibes and contemporary punk flair, setting them apart in Reno’s eclectic music landscape. This harmonious fusion resonates with fans of both classic and modern rock, showcasing a collective talent for creating music that’s both nostalgic and freshly innovative. As Worm Shot continues to carve out their space in the music world, they’re quickly becoming a must-follow for those captivated by the spirited, empowering essence of all-female rock bands. With “Dream Girl” capturing the imagination of listeners, the anticipation for what Worm Shot will do next is palpable among both their growing fan base and newcomers eager to experience their dynamic sound.

For fans of Paramore, Hole, or Garbage, Worm Shot is a thrilling discovery. Their unique blend of rock and punk, infused with the spirit and energy of these iconic bands, makes them a perfect match for anyone who cherishes the raw, empowering sounds of the genre.

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